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Giant Octopus For Seafood Lovers

Posted Jan 10 2013 6:07am

Where Is It Popular?

Giant squid or commonly known as the Giant octopus is a delicacy that is a favorite among the seafood lovers all over the world. In a few of the regions near the Mediterranean is a hot shot favorite because of the ease of availability as well as the various culinary delights that are made from this. You can get the giant octopus meat from most of the reliable as well as well known dealers who can offer the best of quality that is safe for consumption.

An Insight Into Giant Octopus

Giant octopus belongs to the family of cephalopods that are found in the temperate region of the northern and the southern hemisphere. Also with the varying temperatures the species are different that make them differ in terms of size, color as well as weight. One of the kind of the giant octopus will be the primitive ones that rarely leave the sea bed.

Knowing About the Giant Octopus

Also it is because of this feature of the giant octopus that it makes it difficult to know more about this giant beast. All that has been studied by the researchers about this is either from the carcass that is thrown from the sea at the coast or when they are hauled by the fishermen.

Giant Octopus and Canned Tuna

Other than other forms of seafood options, the one that forms to be quite a staple in US happens to the canned tuna. This is the regular stuff that goes into the sandwiches for the lunch boxes of the kids. Though this is something very regular but, one should not ignore that fact tuna fish has been known to have traces of mercury in it. The content of mercury varies according to the species of tuna that you take.

Is It Safe to Consume Canned Tuna?

People do tend to get a little skeptical about the content of mercury in canned tuna. This can differ in the various species of the fish. So the one that is larger white tuna should be avoided; at least for children in their growth years. This is the age when the brain, as well as the internal organs is developing and more susceptible to the impact of mercury which can be very damaging.

Why Do We Find Mercury In Canned Tuna?

Here also the mankind and the civilization are to be blamed. The toxic waste from the factory and manufacturing plants are disposed off in the river, lakes and oceans. In fact the smoke emitted from the coal fired plants releases in the air and gets rained so as to find it ways into the water bodies. The bacteria present in the water forms layer of the metal inside the tissues of the marine animals. This causes most harm to the marine life the final effect of which is borne by the human in the food chain. So it is best to consume as low amount of tuna, as well as other seafood that show higher content of mercury.

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