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Frozen Seafood-Is Frozen Seafood Better Than Fresh Seafood?

Posted Feb 28 2013 4:31am 1 Comment

Is Fresh Seafood Really Fresh?

This is a question that has always got me thinking. We talk about fresh seafood that is available in the local market and in some supermarkets. But is this seafood really fresh. For that we need to first define what we mean by fresh. A fish that has never been frozen is what I term as fresh fish and for that you will need fish that comes right out of the water. When transportation of fish is needed, then you can be rest assured that there is some sort of freezing process that is involved to keep the fish as fresh as possible. However most of the frozen seafood is flash frozen and that means the frozen fish you get are frozen on the fishing boat immediately after capture.

Advantages of Frozen Seafood

Let us have a look at the advantages of frozen seafood that you may not be aware of.

• Most of the frozen fish available in the market are flash frozen and that means they are frozen immediately upon capture

• Flash freezing assures you highest quality seafood and is bound to taste better.

• Frozen fish are checked for quality and only the ones that satisfy the quality check are put out for sale.

• As the fish are frozen immediately upon capture, the process of decomposition of fish never takes place.

• Frozen sea foods are known to preserve the proteins in the fish much better than the so called fresh fish.

Disadvantages of Fresh Fish in Markets

Proper fresh seafood will be only available to people who are near to the fishing area and only during the fishing season. You need to go fishing in order to get fresh fish or you may have to get the services of professionals to help you get some. There are a lot of disadvantages to the so called fresh seafood that are available.

• Seafood once harvested will start to decompose in a short time and will continue to decompose throughout the transportation phase.

• Any fish that has to be transported will have to be refrigerated and in most cases the refrigeration will not be up to standards.

• Enzymes that are in the muscles of the fish will start to break down the flesh of the fish and this process can affect the quality of the fish.

• If the fish is left exposed to the sun, some freshwater fishes will release toxins and this can be harmful to you.

What to Look Out for When Buying Frozen Fish?

As with any product, you need to be aware of what you need to look out for when buying frozen seafood. Go for the products that are available in a vacuum sealed pouch as they are better. Never buy fish in a Styrofoam package or the ones which has thick ice on top of it. Such products are not flash frozen and hence the quality may be compromised. Do read the label to understand the date of packing and expiry date to ensure that you get the best. So contrary to the fact that frozen seafood is not as fresh as the ones in the market, one can be assured of quality when it comes to frozen fish.

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