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Free and Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:19am

Break those winter blahs with some fun activities. Butterfly Mama is hosting a Winter Activity Festival today. Check out some great ideas and add your own. She will be randomly drawing, from the participants names, for a jar of home canned peaches. Wouldn't that be like getting a little jar of sunshine in the mail?

Here are some of my ideas.

The Kids' Favorite Activity
Exercise Class
This is real simple. I turn on some soft music and we do some stretching. Then comes the kids' favorite part. We turn on the Techno Dance station, real loud, and get moving. I am no aerobics instructor, but I have taken enough classes to know a move or two. There is not set routine and many times we just do what goes with the music. We take turns "leading" and it usually ends up with a free for all crazy dance time. I try to wrap it up with some more stretching. This is fun, free, and we all get a bit of exercise.

My Favorite Activity
Library Story Time
Why is this my favorite? It is free, and 90% of the work is done by someone else! I must say though, we have an exceptional story time lady. She does so much with and for the kids. The class is geared to preschool. Kellen (8) sometimes joins in, or picks out books, or does school work.

Class starts with a stretching song. Then there is a story or two on the theme of the day. She always does at least one craft with them. Sometimes there is a snack or another activity. Class always ends with "We're Going On a Bear Hunt." It is more than a story hour, it is more like a one hour preschool!

What are your favorites? Share them with us at the Winter Activity Festival! Stumble Upon Toolbar
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