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Flu Shot Season is Here. What to do?

Posted Dec 09 2007 2:50pm
As we approach the winter months and temperatures begin to drop, we see the resurgence of the flu and colds. How do you get rid of your cold? How can you prevent yourself from getting a cold?

There are many options for you to consider. You can get a . You can take over the counter (OTC) medicine or prescribed medicine. You can take synthetic . You can use antibacterial soaps and lotions repeatedly throughout the day. You can take the miracle cures that many publications recommend. You can even rely on Grandma's secret home remedies. With so many options available to us, why are we all still getting sick?

The medical professionals recommend you get a to introduce the antibodies into your bloodstream to help you defend against the flu. This is usually the most popular method of defense by Americans. Why is that? You see them recommend it daily on the news, you see signs posted everywhere ("get your here!"), your job offers it to you and of course your doctor recommends it.

If all these people recommend it, why not get one then? Have you ever asked the person injecting the shot into you what exactly is in the liquid that they are putting into your arm? In all honesty, they probably couldn't answer that. The truth is that most of these vaccines contain causing chemicals such as and Triton X-100 plus one of the most toxic substances Thimerisol (also know as ). Anyone I ask who gets the tells me they usually get sick right away (no wonder with all the crap that's in the shot) and typically they still get the bug later on. I am certainly not telling you what to do here but if you are thinking about getting one of these shots, you should do some research on your own first.

I can go through some of the other options I mentioned above but I know your time is valuable so I will get right to the point. I've said this before in previous blog posts, your body is designed to heal itself as long as you give it the proper ingredients to do so. No those ingredients are not , medicine or lab isolated . The correct ingredients come from .

I know this is difficult, but you'll need to put down the holiday cookies and stop eating the fast food junk because you are too busy to cook. Looking for something sweet? Eat a juicy apple. Looking for something filling? Eat a ripe banana. by nature are packed full of the ingredients you need to build a strong immune system to help combat the colds and flus all around you.

Knowing this, why do people still have a tough time with it? Well let's face it. If there is a fudge and chocolate chip brownie on the counter next to an apple, most anyone will choose the brownie. Besides, if you tried to purchase enough to consume the recommend daily dose of 5 to 9 servings everyday of the week, it could become quite costly, especially if you try to buy all organic (which I highly recommend).

So what's the solution? First and foremost, try to eat as many as possible. Try to cut down on your sugar intake as it weakens your immune system (more on that in a future blog post). As I have mentioned before, I believe the most convenient lifestyle friendly way to get your nutrition is from a source such as . It truly is the most convenient way to get your daily dose of and it tastes great! (Click here to get more information on The Feast).
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