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Farmer's markets

Posted by Nancy B.

Farmer's markets are a great place to find organic fruits & vegetables, plus they're a whole lot of fun. I'm sure if you look into it, you'll find one in your neighborhood - they usually occur on weekend mornings.
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Farmer's markets usually just sell what's in season in your area. This actually helps you to eat more healthfully! Produce that is grown in its natural environment, in season and harvested when it is ripe generally has a higher nutrient content than produce harvested before it's ripe (usually done when it has to be transported long distances) and grown out of season. Also, an added bonus for the environment: eating locally saves natural resources!
I had recently been to the farmer's market and I asked one of the seller whether his produce was organic. He said that they do not use any pesticides but he was not certified organic. His produce was very fresh and I really believe that we should support our local farmers. Many of the farmers do practise organic farming but dont have the required certification. So what should one do, support the local farmers or go for the certified organic produce?
I absolutely agree with you S.J. Supporting local farmers is not only better for health, it is essential for creating community and for keeping small farms going. Big supermarkets are only about profit and are treating farmers like slaves. Buying locally is not only the healthy is the ethical choice!
Yes, you can contact your county's agricultural office --even "cities" have one! -- and they will be happy to send you a schedule. Lots of boutique farms are going organic... it's my understanding that the demand is far beyond the supply! So, that's good. Farmers will no doubt clamor to fill in that business need. Also, when you grow it yourself, you can make sure it's organic. I love being able to snip off some fresh herbs without even having to rinse them off!
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