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Eating organic frozen foods

Posted by daeun21

Do you think that frozen foods are healthy even if it is organic?


I am a student in Toronto working on my thesis on an organic frozen foods brand. If you could help me out by answering some survey questions, bless you, you are saving a poor art student's soul! :)  I would really appreciate it. Choose the one that would apply to you:


I tried and eat Life Choices Foods:


What the heck is Life Choices Foods?:


Have a healthy day! 

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I am sorry but here in the States it seems those are not sold. Yet I do buy frozen berries organic and most of the burgers. The reason for such is that each morning I make a smoothie for my daughters and I feel more comfortable with organic berries than not.
fresh is better than frozen, but i'd say frozen organic is better than anything non-orga nic (conventionally grown). Check the manufacturer of the product and what constitutes 'organic'.
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