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Eat Organic to Smell Good

Posted by Tamar F.

We all pretty familiar with the fact that eating onions and garlic can make the odor seep through your pores. Many of us know that you can eat chlorophyll based foods, green stuff like parsley, mint, etc., to cut down on odors. Some of are even familiar with eating pineapple to smell (and taste) good. But my pal swears by eating organic food!

I have a friend who must think all I eat are Cheetoes and Hagen-Daas. She says that she always knows if I’m in a room. She claims that since she and her family started eating only organic foods, they don’t stink as much, she doesn’t need to pile on the deodorant and she feels better.

Tonight, I considered getting “read” by a psychic. But the folks in the room were so stinky, I beat it out of there in a second. I have no idea what they were eating to smell so bad – were they cannibals?

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Food defiantly has some correlation with how people smell. There are certain traditional foods that people smell a certain way. That's interesting that your friend said she could cut down on deodorant from going organic.
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