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Dogs Are Good for Your Health

Posted May 26 2012 3:42am
I want to shift gears for a minute. While whole food nutrition is a critical component to a healthy lifestyle, I wanted to reflect on something else that affects your health... the family dog!

There are so many stressors present in our lives day after day. We all approach this stress in a variety of positive (or negative) ways. Some healthy alternatives are taking a walk, going for a hike, working out, having a glass of wine, watching a sunset... I think you get the idea. I find one of the happiest parts of my day is coming home from the stress filled world and being welcomed by my dog who is always excited to see me. No matter the type of day I had (or for that matter the type of day my dog has had) she unconditionally expresses her love for me. She doesn't hold a grudge for me reprimanding her for tearing up the garbage or leaving her home alone for 8 hours. She is happy to see me no matter what.

That moment alone, when I come home and I'm greeted by her, is enough to escape the stress of my life and remember what is most important... love! The companionship a dog brings to your life is incomparable. Their desire to be close to you whether you are watching tv or going to sleep conveys a feeling of love and adoration for you. Who doesn't appreciate being loved? Who doesn't feel better knowing you are someone's entire world? Dogs make us happy and feel good. Being happy and feeling good are detrimental to your health.

An article written by Jeanie Lerche Davis on titled "5 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health" details how reasearch has proven dogs to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. In fact, one part of the article talks about "heart attack patients who have pets survive longer than those without".

So as you can see, pets can play a very large part in your overall health and wellness. Those of us that have pets can truly feel how much they improve our lives. Those that do not have pets should at least consider the idea... your health may depend on it!

My dog Haley has forever changed my life. I have used Shutterfly to compose an album of the many great memories she has brought me. Feel free to explore the album below or follow the link to go to Shutterfly and create an album of your own!

Click here to view this photo book larger
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