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Decreasing the benefits of "the naturals"?

Posted by Kristen D.

I have an interesting question-I know the benefits of natural things like green tea, that are great for the body and your health. But what happens if you buy them pre-bottled, mixed with other flavors (natural or not)--does that decrease the benefits your body receives?
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I would say YES.. The idea behind buying natural is that it is better for the body, as opposed to processed. And if we food something that has something already added, or pre-packaged, I would think that it would lose some of its benefits. It's like having pre-packaged, sweetened orange juice is not the same as having a fresh orange, or squeezing fresh juice at home.
Yes. Those natural things need to be natural if we are going to get the benefits. Highly manufactured green tea, for example with loads of artificial sweetners is not going to yeild the high antioxidant concentration that regular organic green tea will... in fact I would be surprised if there were any.
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