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Convert Your Cutting Board

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:19am

The function of a cutting board is to protect your other surfaces when you are cutting food. They don't need to be fancy, and you don't really even have to have something made to be a cutting board. Often if I am cutting something small like an onion, I will just grab a small plate to cut on.

When I have a bigger job, or am chopping a lot of different items, I pull out the bigger cutting board. Mine is a glass cutting board that we got for free about ten years ago. It serves its purpose.

Cutting boards leave something to be desired though when cutting something juicy, like tomatoes, meat or oranges. There is no place for the juice to go except off the board and onto your counter, creating a big mess.

They do sell cutting boards that are specifically designed to fit over your sink, so that all the mess drips into the sink, instead of on your counter. I'd rather try to make do with what I have then buy something new.

My cutting board does fit nicely over my sink, and the liquids easily drain at the long ends of the board. And it works pretty well, except when what I am cutting is heavy or requires a little muscle, like a watermelon. When I try to cut those items the board slips, and that just isn't good when you have a sharp knife halfway through a watermelon.

The solution really was very easy. I put a rag or towel along the edges where the cutting board rests on the sink. The liquids drain down the other edges, and any liquids that go to the sides are absorbed by the rags. The cutting board stays in place and I can slice and chop to my hearts delight with out getting a mess on my counter.

Making do with what I have, fixing a problem without buying a special gadget, now that works for me!

Works for Me Wednesday
Thanks to Mizuno golf.

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