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Blogger Choice Awards

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:19am

Everyone loves blog awards. Here is another one for you: Blogger's Choice Awards

Who do you think is the Hottest mommy blogger or the Hottest Daddy? Not exactly sure if "hot" there refers to the appearance of the blogger, or that it is a popular blog.

Someone you consider a geek, a freak or obnoxious? There are categories for them too! Now would being nominated for the Worst Blogger of All Time, be a good or a bad thing?

Have a pet blog? An educational blog? How about a favorite celebrity blog? There are a lot of categories to choose from; over thirty in fact. Blogger's Choice Awards allows you to nominate any blogs in any categories.

Nominate your favorite blogs, or not so favorite as the case may be; even your own. After a blog is nominated , it is listed with the other blogs in the category. Each blog is listed with a page shot and a link. Readers then vote on the blogs they like best.

Winners will be announced June 2, 2007. Go and check out some of the nominees, nominate and/or vote. If you are nominated (or nominate yourself) let me know so I can go vote for you!

Good luck!

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