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An Overview on the Asian Shrimp and White Shrimp

Posted Oct 16 2012 4:02am

If we talk about the shrimps then it is a kind of fish species that is commonly known as shrimps, these mainly are found in worldwide and Asian countries. There are very popular species of shrimps included asian shrimp, Prawn, freshwater shrimp, lobster, white shrimp, which are utilized to make different types of Chinese and other kind of dishes in the Asian continental countries. These shrimps are mainly found in the corner of the sea side, coast, rivers and lakes as well as these are available in abundant quantity in the worldwide. These shrimps are usually found in the sea corner but these shrimps move under the water due to escape from the sea predators. The life of shrimps is around one to eight years. These are born in thousands of species in the worldwide in the sediment of the sea. These shrimps are commonly available in the season of May to October as you can buy huge quantity of these white and Asian shrimps specially to make the different types of seafood dishes.

What Is the Used of Asian and White Shrimps

If you like to have seafood and you are crazy for fish food then shrimps seafood is the best option for you. There are many benefits of eating seafood’s of shrimps. The omega-3 acid in the fishes is good for heart as well as this kind of food reduce inflammation that is major cause of many health diseases. Hence the shrimp’s seafood is best for health and you can be healthy for long life, if you use seafood of shrimps on the regular diet. You can eat fried shrimp with nuts that gives you taste of delicious food. These Asian and white shrimps are mainly used in making seafood and the recipes are very famous. People mostly prefer shrimps food while they spend their vacations in Asian countries. If you eat the shrimp seafood then your cardiovascular system will be protected. Wherever you go in Thailand, china, Mexico and Atlantic countries, you will find taste food of these kinds of different shrimps.

A Short Comparison between Asian Shrimps and White Shrimps

Here we will talk about the shrimps of Asian and white species that both have some differences. Shrimps of white specie are less nutrition in comparison of shrimps of Asian. As well you can eat many dishes of shrimps of Asian in many ways like salad, soups, curry and pickles while in you can take the enjoyment of shrimps of water simply in the iodine, protein and calcium. So these both shrimps are good for whole family in order to cut the huge fat and burn calories. The recipes of these white and Asian shrimps can be prepared in few minutes without losing its delicious taste. These dishes can be stored for long time like one or two days as you can eat for 2-3 days frequently by storing them in the refrigerator. Some useful information white shrimp by Siamcanadian.

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