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An Easy Earache Remedy

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:19am

Vivian (1) has been battling a cold for the last week. Friday morning, she was very fussy, and nothing seemed to make her happy. I had a lot to do to finish getting ready for our family Christmas, and could not figure out what was wrong. She told me as I was making her breakfast.

As she sat waiting in her highchair, she pointed to her ear, and then made the hurt sign. I really did not want to run to the doctor, but I also knew ear infections can get much worse. I decided to see what we could do at home in the morning, and then decide if a trip to the doctor was needed in the afternoon or the next day.

Tylenol, and extra loving were not doing the trick. I turned to the internet. My search quickly led me to a site called My Home Remedies. Many of the remedies found at this site and others involved ingredients I did not have on hand, and/or putting liquids into the ear. I was a bit leery of putting something into her ear, but was contemplating it when I found a remedy that used things I had, and did not involve putting anything in her ear.

The remedy was simply to put a cup of rice in an old sock. Tie a knot in the sock, and heat in the microwave for minute. Place the warm sock on the ear. The person submitting the remedy claimed that it would relieve the pressure, and help drain the ear. They also suggested taking pain medicine along with using the warm compress. This remedy seemed the best option to me.

One minute in the microwave was way to long, thirty seconds was sufficient in my microwave. Other than that the remedy worked wonderfully. Vivian did not like it on her ear at first, but soon she settled and fell asleep. She slept over three hours! We repeated the compress and Tylenol three times on Friday. She slept through the night, and woke Saturday with no signs of her ear hurting. She still has the runny nose, but is playing and happy.

I got my preparations done. She enjoyed her time with her cousins, and we all ate way too much food. Maybe next I should look up fitness equipment to work off all that food we ate! Do you have any home remedies for earaches?

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