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Ken Nersten is the founder of Orange County Detox Center, which employs a medically supervised and carefully planned nutrition based detoxification program combined with a relapse prevention treatment program. Founded in 2002, it is a center for addiction treatment in California, providing professional, confidential and humane detoxification services.
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Jul 04 2013 by OrangeCountyDetox
"Rehabilitation" we always think different when we hear this word.But its as common as anyother word in day to day life. Medical Rehabilitation is the right of a patient.We must know our rights, so that we can help us and others too.
Jun 24 2013 by OrangeCountyDetox
World No Tobacco Day is celebrated to encourage smokers to abstain from tobacco use for just 24 hours. The hope is that for this short period of abstinence, smokers can reflect on their health, their family and their future. Read on to see the reasons why you should not use tobacco in your life: Read More....
Jun 06 2013 by OrangeCountyDetox
There are various benifits of music relaxing, rejuvinating and it helps in addiction treatment read more...