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P90X Day 10, 11 & 12

YES! We are still going strong! :) I will admit, Saturday proved to be too much of a challenge and we were unable to get out workout in. By the...

P90X Day 9-Sat, Mar 2

Hey guys! Sorry I skipped a few days but let me fill you in real quick! Wednesday was our "Rest Day" because it's impossible to get in a workout...

P90X Day 5 - 2/26/13

Day 5-Legs & Back with Ab Ripper. I just could NOT get my balance today...kept falling over sideways during lunges. Maybe I used it all up...

P90X Day 4- 2/25/13

Ahhh, the infamous Day 4...YOGA.  When we first did P90X back in 2008, we did our first yoga class on day 4 and discovered that we both HATE yoga....

P90X Day 3 - 2/24/13

Today was Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper. One of our favorites from last time! We rocked it and Matt couldn't quit admiring the "pump" in his...

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