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One Eyed Z.

Although I have only been known as the One Eyed z since my bicycle VS car accident in 2006, I've been riding my entire life. I decided to turn my passion for the "Church of the Two Wheels" into my profession in 2000 and went to work for a local shop where I have been ever since. I have... Full Bio
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Forgotten notes

Found this in a notebook this morning 03/27/11 At McCoy's with the OMB heckling KU people, and KU lost FYI. A gal walks into the bar post...

Still alive. AKA Happy Birthday to Me.

Welp Here we are. 40. Building up to this day I was mentally trying to assemble a post about being older. Wax poetic and...


As I sit and sip my coffee and mentally prepare for the wet pedal commute to work I am reminded of a much loved phrase There is something to...


Inevitably, he said, "What is the meaning of this?" It is the precise question and the precise wording thereof that has been put to the...

I guess this is a thing now.

Former pros doing fix a flat videos ... At least this one isn't uncomfortable to watch.   How to Fix a Flat from 9W...
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