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omaha, Nebraska
Name:destiny took my first breath on:january 15,1994 im looking for lots of advise and answers maybe i can be as helpfull to you as you can be to me. im a very friendly person and very curiouse.
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if i had sex 7 days ago and was ovulating on the 5th and i took a calculation online that told me when i concieved and how far i

im not even sureif im pregnant but how would i know and do i have a great chance of for sure being pregnant?


okay so im young and i have a problem i could be pregnant. if i am in not looking for adoption just some helpfull advise through the journey. if...

okay well i had sex 7 days ago and i was ovulationg on the 5th which was the day i had unprotected sex......

okay so i had sex while i was ovulating and could possibly be pregnant and i took one of those calculating things on line of how far i could be and...
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