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Omayra T.

Pretoria, South Africa
my name is Omayra, i am almost 36. i have had my left kidney removed 11 years ago. 2 years ago i had my left hip replaced (totally).  all i know is i need to loose weight!!!! help!!! if there is anyone out there who would like to chat about any situation - i am a good listener :-)
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Kidney Stones - Stent

hi, can anyone maybe explain why a urologist would insert a JJ Stent and after 2 weeks remove it, laser the kidney stone and then insert another...


is there anyone who has had a kedney removed or a hip replaced and wants to share experiences... i here!!!

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Feb 06 2010 by vinod
 u can do breathing exercies i. e. pranayam min 30 min a day in the morning take light diet and try to take warm water afer one hr of meal
Feb 03 2010 by Hetta
Hi you, Im registered as your friend.  How are your today.  I am 39 going on 40. 

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