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Do You Have The “Fat Gene?”

Is There Really Such A Thing As a “Fat Gene”? I grew up thinking there was a nasty, evil bug implanted in certain ‘unlucky’ women that...

Good News For “Choco-holics!”

Dr. Reveals “Ten Miracle Foods” In Groundbreaking Presentation… I just read something crazy from an MD colleague of mine who has found a...

Were You Born Fat?!

  Debunking The Myth That “You were born fat…” That’s the dangerous excuse many doctors and so-called “experts” give their...

11 Amazing Benefits of Sun Exposure…

Find out why the sun and Slimming Tea create a perfect “Happiness Cocktail!”   Today I feel like celebrating! After what seems...

Do You Have “Human Barbie” Syndrome?

Yesterday I was bombarded with questions about what I think about the “Human Barbie”, a woman named Valeria Lukyanova who has pulled,...

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