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It was a nice start

i have managed to stay away from the sweets and not a healthy food whole day , until  i reached home and my parents waited me with the well...

The day to make a change

Today  am going to skip all sweets and to drink lots of water to clean up my body and to stay in a good mood to push out any stress upcoming ...

i want to eat and feel green

i am new here and i wish to get better in my whole being, i've started from the inner and would like also to take care of my body too. I am passing...

Goals (4)

Avoid sweets Last update: 09 Dec 2008 » View progress
Lose weight Last update: 09 Dec 2008 » View progress


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Dec 22 2008 by Tisashwani

I think you realy make it


Dec 07 2008 by Oksa
I know i can make it as i 've done already ;)

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