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How to Avoid the Freshman 15...Even If You're Not a Freshman

It's that time of year when the kids are back in school, you're back to work and you've sent your eldest off to college.  Suddenly you remember...

Five Ways to Avoid Incontinence

Most people don't think about bladder control — until the unintended loss of urine interrupts the ability to carry on day to...

Flu Survival Tips "They" Don't Tell You

February -- the thick of cold and flu season.  A typical cold may last 8-9 days or longer, while a flu may last 4-7 days.  How quickly you recover...

Fat-Burning Foods That Bust Fat-Storing Grenades

Read ingredient labels carefully before purchase. It's February!  Time to start planning for "bikini season".  Wanna lose a few...

California Prop 37: Whose Side Are YOU On?

Consumers vs The Big 10 Not ONE human being has said "No" to GMO labeling. All $36 Million "No" campaign funding has come...

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lupus has been linked to mercury dental amalgam and other dental metals.  you may want to consider seeing an IAOMT biological dentist for evaluation.