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BA, MD, FACS, professor, researcher, patent holder, published author . . . then patient . . . now retired and focused on health reform, medical care and wellness issues. Blogging at: and
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Oct 02 2010 by Obi Jo

Vaccinations, Not Just for Kids

CDC: 'Too Few Adults Are Maintaining Vaccinations or Getting Vaccinated at All'


Sep 15 2010 by Obi Jo
Sep 15 2010 by Obi Jo
Jul 21 2010 by Adeyera A.
Thanks for accepting my friend request.
Jul 20 2010 by Obi Jo

Just passed 20,000+ readers at Real Health Reform

Check it out!

May 02 2010 by Obi Jo

First "Vaccine" to Treat Prostate Cancer Approved

Dec 18 2009 by Obi Jo

Swine Flu: No Time to Get Complacent - Feds Seek to Prevent 3rd Flu Wave

Dec 16 2009 by Obi Jo


Dec 16 2009 by Obi Jo

Democrats scale back: Insufficient support for public-option, Medicare expansion