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Who's up for a 90 day challenge to lose weight... Hello out there!  My name is Billie and I am a 32 year old mom of 3 boys and married to a wonderfu ...
Oct 19 2010 6:07pm
Medical Tourism Tops in Thailand Thailand has become famous for its excellent medical facilities and healthcare for foreigners. One ...
Sep 22 2010 10:51pm
Medical Tourism in Thailand is really fascinating. The bet in Asia. You can also visit... more
Oct 08 2010 11:52am
Looking for Obesity Friends I am a Female with The Aspergers Kind of Autism. I am morbidly Obese and am looking for Support Frie ...
Jun 05 2010 5:50pm
Questions I Have About GERD or HEARTBURN I have some Questions GERD , Vomiting and Regurgitation I need Help with my Questions are: 1. I a ...
Jun 05 2010 5:48pm
The Obesity Epidemic In my Physician practice of Nutrition at 3200 Sunset Ave in Ocean NJ,  I see c ...
Apr 05 2009 6:04pm
The Cheers magazine is looking for articles on... The Cheers ( is a 4-year old online magazine that has just launched a new design and ...
Oct 20 2008 1:23am
Lose weight, the healthy way! hi there! i'm jane, 27 years old mom with 1 year old baby girl. i'm a registered nurse, a professi ...
Sep 09 2008 9:38pm