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What's Eating You?

Posted Feb 27 2011 2:08am

You often hear Dr. Phil make the comment, " You can't change what you don't acknowledge."

What he means by this is that being overweight is just a symptom of something else that is going on in our lives.

Here are just some of the common feelings and emotions involved with being wounded at one time in our lives:


* stems from childhood

* rejection

* made to feel dumb

* ridiculed, possibly in front of others

* negative praise

* loss

* problems with parents or siblings

* poverty

* abuse (mental, physical, sexual)

* lonliness

* abandonment

* feeling unsafe


As you can see, the list goes on and on.  What makes this really difficult for us is that these unfortunate situations usually always happen by someone we love or trust.

 As we grow older, unresolved issues have new triggers, different people, same issues, and we relive the cycle of self medicating with food.

Today's society tells us that we should be able to forego the discomfort of some of these emotions and having to deal with our past.   


                                          This is a big mistake.


We are wounded children and when we ignore what has happened to us, we become wounded adults who drag everyone and everything down with us as we have trigger after trigger appear in our lives that have us reliving our past, sometime even unconsciouly.  We believe we are okay, but are we really?

Being a part of weight loss forums for over 10 years, the theme was always the same, and it may seem familiar.

We commisserated about how we needed to start over again, or we worked so hard only to gain the weight back, we shared everything we put into our month and wanted to be accountable to one another for strenth and support.  The groups are great for support indeed and that's fine, but the majority of us were hopeless as we ate but the exercise wasn't enough, we worked out til we couldn't stand and felt awful because we were so hungry at night.  To me, it started to feel like a vicious circle...for all of us.

It dawned on me that it's not 80 pounds of weight I need to lose, it's 80 pounds of baggage I need to release.

Here is where many of us are frightened and usually because we simply don't know what is lurking in pandora's box or around the corner.

Many will tell you that the hard work was in the avoidance of dealing with past issues.

We best serve ourselves when we FEEL, DEAL with and HEAL our past.

Next article will provide you with effective ways to walk through this process and never look back or feel alone again.

I will also provide the techniques you can use to close that chapter for good and celebrating the life you truly deserve!


Terri Rau

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