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Wanna Race?

Posted Jan 11 2012 4:09pm
I have to write a newsletter blurb for my tri club.  This is just a draft.  

We come together as a triathlon club to train and racetogether.  We continue to supportmultisport and honor the challenge of each race we take on.  Training can become extremely competitive, butit is expected that we always, always, conduct ourselves, both individually andas a club, in a manner of good sportsmanship.

It should go without saying that it is an athlete’sresponsibility to understand and comply with all USAT rules at any race.  Rules, though at times feel like an inconvenienceor even an obstruction to optimum race performance, exist for our safety.  Rules make the race an “even playing field” for all athletes andultimately a fair, competitive challenge for all.  

As a local triathlon club in the greater Houston area, our logo is known to many.  We all have heard our share of, “Go BAM!” fromthe sidelines from people who don’t even know us, but just remember our Jerseys!  It’s agood feeling to have so many supporters on a race course simply because we havean easily remembered name that is fun to shout; it's free press!  We have a good reputation for being afriendly, welcoming club that accepts everyone at every level and sharesknowledge across the board.  However,with that notoriety comes the responsibility to maintain properconduct, because it is just as easy to remember BAM! in the not-so-flatteringscenarios too. 

As the triathlon season approaches we remind everyone thatconducting ourselves in a manner of good sportsmanship is just as important asgoing for that podium spot.  Characteris what you do when no one is watching; it is the combination ofmental and ethical traits marking a person.  It is what guides you toward taking honorable action, in spite of the final outcome. Healthy competition is awesome, but a true “win” is only a winwhen it is earned on fair, competitive ground.  

When we proudly wear our BAM! jerseys on race day, there is no mistaking the spirit and camaraderie we share – everyone cansense it.  We are not like other clubs…and THAT is precisely what makes our club so inviting to others.    

Train hard. Be proud.  Be strong. Be competitive.  Be honorable.   

Be the model of a well-rounded triathlete whobelongs to a kick-ass club!
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