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total gastric vertical plication is a new method that replace the vertical gastrectomy (sleeve). any comments on that method?

Posted by dp799

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I have looked at this procedure.  It involves no cutting of the stomach, no implanted device, and is reversible and/or repeatable.  It promises to become the safest (far fewer complications) and lowest cost of all obesity surgeries, with efficacy better than gastric banding, like sleeve gastrectomy, but less invasive.  It can eventually be done through a single abdominal incision.
As far as I know, there are a handful of surgeons already doing this procedure today, and the only problem at present is that it must be performed by difficult and time consuming manual suturing, which takes 1-2 hrs even for a highly skilled surgeon.  A new surgical tool could make this procedure fast, safe, easy for any surgeon to perform, and inexpensive for patients.
YOu are is the safest and the best to date. Dr. Corvala at Hospital Angeles in Tijuana does it and is one of the best in the world at. His cost is $8500
This procedure is currently being performed at Cleveland Clinic under clinical trial conditions, and is also being performed at Hospital Angeles Tijuana, at the Weight Loss Surgery Center there, led by Dr Juan Lopez Corvala who has performed more weight loss surgeries than any gastroenterologist surgeon in the world, and will be a leading proctor for this procedure.  There aren't a lot of long term data as yet, w/ the first patients currently in month 5 post-proceudre, but weight loss is comparable to band (42 lbs lost in first 5 months for average patient). However, risk of complication is a known factor - greatly reduced from sleeve and band as well.  Four plications are being performed this week with US patients at Hospital Angeles Tijuana.  You can learn more by calling Angeles Health International toll free 866-668-9263

I am one of those four patients that underwent sleeve plication this week.  I had the operation on tuesday and flew home on thursday.  Things are going well, but I am just starting this  journey.  My BMI was 32.5 and we shall see how things go.

Ggirl, where did you have your procedure?  Any issues with reflux right afterward?    I recently spoke with 2 patients that are each 4 weeks post procedure, both are down 30+ pounds and reporting no issues. Would love to hear your story.
can anyone contact me with some post op info. I go in for GSP 7/1/10.

HI Steven -  most patients report a pretty smooth post-op experience, released from the hospital within 24-36 hours of the procedure. There are sometimes issues with reflux, though the possibility of this is radically reduced if the surgeon is using the Endoflip to size the sleeve (Dr. Lopez Corvala at Hospital Angeles Tijuana is the only surgeon in Mexico trained to use this device).  Your dietary changes will be quite similar relative to other weight loss surgeries - liquids at first etc. Protein will be very important.  The plication procedure actually means that patients have fewer dietary restricitons - e.g. most banded patients have to avoid carbonated beverages, but you will not.  Most good programs like the one at Angeles will provide you with all of the nutriitonal info that you need in advance, plus provide you with a kit to take home, and a regular program of follow up. 


Good luck with your surgery, it's a good choice given the lack of complications and the weight loss success we've seen in the clinical trials. 

Hi Med Traveler,

   I am scheduled with Dr. Corvala for plication on July 12, 2010. My BMI is 31. Do you have any info on wt. loss amounts on patients with lower BMI's?  I am very nervous but excited about the chance to feel in control of my eating. I am aprox. 50 lbs. overweight.  I am very impressed with Dr. Corvala's background. I will be traveling to Mex. alone. Do you think I am making a mistake?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi GG Girl.

    I am going to TJ on July 12. (Dr. Corvala. )How did you like him?

My BMI is low also. 31...How is your weight loss going with a lower bmi?  Please give me any words of wisdom. Do you mind sharing your age?  I am doing this for myself for my 50th birthday. I have struggled for 20 yrs. with an extra 20-30 lbs. But after menopause it has gotten to be 50 lbs. I knew I had to do something.  Would love any feedback. Would you pack differently than you did?  Take a laptop or not?  Travel alone?  Foods/drinks for post surgery?  Thanks for any advice.....


Hi everyone:


For anyone wishing to learn more about gastric plication please check out the free webinar by Angeles Health, about the program with Dr. Lopez Corvala who recently presented findings from first 100 plication patients at the 15thWorld IFSO Congress.


The plication program is offered at a reduced price during the holidays when many people choose to have weight loss surgery b/c it is easier to plan the travel.  Remember, only 1-2 nights in hospital stay required. 


Hi there,

 I had the gastric sleeve plication about 2 months ago and love it! I don't know who these people are going to, but I would go to Christi Bearden. She was our cordinator and was great! You can find her on Successfully Slimmer and her rates are much cheaper. There was 3 of us that went and are all doing great, weightloss to date for the 3 of us are 60, 42, 30 pounds lost so far. The doctor who did us was Dr. Almanza who was great!!None of us have had any problems and would totally recommend this site. Just tell Christi that Rhonda Hudak sent you. You won't reget it!!

Rhonda H.

Is this Christi person a surgeon? The IFSO has no record of her. 
so what about the removal of Gherlin? that's the only problem with plication. my gherlin has got to keeps telling me i'm hungry when i'm not. that's the beauty of the sleeve.....gherlin gone, but pylorus stays. in my opinion it is the best way to go for permanent weight loss. I get my surgery soon and I have spent 3 years waiting and researching weight loss surgeries.

Hi Lisa. No, gherlin is not removed, but according to Dr. Lopez Corvala, Chief of Gastroenterology Surgery for Hospital Angeles, the largest private hospital network in Mexico, the production is reduced, and over time continues to decrease so that 6 months post weight loss surgery gherlin production among a VSG paitent and a plicaiton paitent would be comparable. 

 There are a number of weight loss surgery options, and selecting the right procedure is an important step. A good gastroenterologist surgeon who is a true obesity specialist like Dr. Lopez Corvala (Member, Advanced Council of Bariatrics, President of Mexican Endoscopic Association) will be able to perform mutlipe procedures: RNY Gastric Bypass, vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), adjustable gastric banding systems such as LAP BAND or REALIZE BAND. It isn't necessary that one surgeon be all things to all patients (e.g. DS Switch and Intragastric Balloon are less popular procedures with less weight loss effectiveness, typically) however it's wise to work with a team that offers options. 

A bariatric surgeon who performs only one type of weight loss surgery is like a carpenter with a hammer - everything looks like a nail.  Most surgeons will try to accomodate a patient's procedure preferences but sometimes, a patient's lifestyle, eating patterns and tolerance for risk make one procedure preferable over another - important especially when considering the low likelihood but potentially deadly risk of leaks present in the VSG and RNY. 

No procedure is risk free, of course.  Whether or not a patient chooses the plication, it's great to see new restrictive options with low risk of complication like we see with plication.  


Feel free to talk to an RN Case Manager for Dr. Lopez Corvala (who has performed ~200 plicaitons, more than any other surgeon in the world). It's a toll free call. 866.668.9263 extension 129 (RN Sandy Lauria) or go here to read more about the procedure and Hospital Angeles

Here's an interesting article on new devices under investiation to address obesity with no sugery at all, for example a gastric pacemaker:

Yeah Gastric Sleeve Plication is new method of . It is more good than general Gastric sleeve. In this methos there is no cutting. We can get many benefit from this surgery. There are many types of Surgeries so take an advise from your bariatric surgeon.

For more information visit:

How is they (Dr. Corvala and the  Weight Loss Surgery Center) comparable to the Obesity Control Center lead by Dr.Ortiz.  Both places claim to lead the WORLD in the Gastric Sleeve Plication.  Dr. Ortiz does it for just under 7K and it includes your stay and post visits with a nutritionalist, etc.  The Medical Traveler-- What is you opinion on the two? 

This question is possed for the Medical Traveler:  what is your opinion between Weight Loss Surgery Center there- led by Dr Juan Lopez Corvala and the Obesity Control Center- led by Dr. Ortiz?  BOTH Surgeons regard themselves as the leading Gastric Sleeve Plication surgeons, leading the WORLD in procedures.  Dr. Ortiz is claimed to be the leading proctor for the US testing.  The OCC Gastric Sleeve Plication procedure is just under 7k out the door, to include your stay, post-op, and follow up's with a nutritionalist.  I would like to get your input on them.  Thanks   

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