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The Pleasure of Prunes...

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:47am

Wow…what a WONDERFUL day this has been for me…

Today was the day I broke my 92-Day Juice Feast…

I ate solids for the first time in 3 months…and I feel GREAT :)

I woke feeling reluctant to get up and face the prunes I’d put to soak the night before…more than anything else, I felt fear of them…lol…how many people were dealing with that issue in the world today? Fear of prunes …I bet there’s an official term for it though… ;) I avoided them all morning…
Then the energy started to shift for me…I started to feel like it was my birthday or something – I felt a special glow inside and a joy and appreciation for all this Juice Feast has brought into my life…I did a really enjoyable radio interview with the delightful Dagger of in New York, which will be available on internet radio next week, then it was time…time to face the prunes…

They tasted sweet and simple to me and felt soft and enjoyable in my mouth...I sat with them in a beautiful Zen garden and reflected on the wonders of this Feast so far and my intentions for eating from here on in...I made a little film of the experience, which I hope to be able to share with you tomorrow when I have YouTube cooperation...
I felt SOOOO buzzed afterwards…really happy and excited and high on the joy of life…the prunes felt kind of ‘full’ inside me – nothing unpleasant, just a bit unusual somehow…and it was all such a transformation from the fear and reluctance I’d felt in the I was just delighted with life and the choices I have here…wow, what a great experience…

So, today I have had:

750ml (3 cups) water
700ml (2.5 cups) orange juice with hemp oil
500ml (1 pint) soak water from prunes
600ml (2.5 cups) water
1 litre (1 quart) celery/red pepper/garlic/orange juice
water of one old coconut with green powder
250ml (1 cup) water

which makes…about 4.3 litres of liquids today…or about 1.14 gallons
PLUS…the PRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNES… ;) solids…prunes…imagine…
I am taking the view in my head that I am pretty much just carrying on with a liquid-y lifestyle, just adding in bits and pieces of fruit etc on the way as I work through the Feast-breaking protocol – that helps me keep perspective

I discovered this evening that the new maid who has been frenetically cleaning this house the last couple of days has thrown away my nut milk bags …lol…I guess she didn’t approve of them then, or was confused…anyway, very fitting timing at least…and I don’t mind – those nut milk bags have worked extremely hard the last few months and were surely due for retirement …besides which, I’m just delighted she’s here taking care of the cleaning…she is (clearly) ultra-efficient…
So, no more hand-squeezed watermelon juice for me until I get a new bag…oh well, now I can EAT it anyway ;) FUN... :)

All love,
Angela. xxx

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