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Thank You, I Love You, Please Forgive Me, I'm Sorry...

Posted May 14 2010 12:00am

I want to express today how much I love the energy of the Ho'oponopono 'mantra/prayer/blessing': Thank You, I Love You, Please Forgive Me, I'm Sorry. If you're not familiar with this healing process, here is smthg I wrote about it in " Raw Emotions "

Thank You, I Love You, Please Forgive Me, I Am Sorry
One of my favourite ways to dissipate awkward energies and painful emotions is to share these four blessings: thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry. You may recognise this as the Hawaiian healing process of ‘Ho’oponopono’, which is based on loving yourself and accepting responsibility for all that is within your reality. There is a wonderful story that accompanies this prayer. One ward for the ‘criminally insane’ in the State Hospital in Hawaii was home to those patients who had been declared more or less ‘untreatable’. A healer went to work there. He never met with any of the patients. He simply went and sat in an office and read over their medical files. As he read, he felt loving compassion and blessed each of them repeatedly with the healing prayer: ‘thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry.’ The transformation in the patients was remarkable. Their conditions shifted to such a degree that in the end, the hospital ward actually closed, as there was no longer any need for it…WOW! I love that story - for me it totally conveys the message of the power of our thoughts. So, next time you feel anger, disappointment, jealousy or resentment towards others, perhaps try saying this prayer - either out loud or internally - and watch the energy transform… You can find out more about this simple healing technique at .

Thank YOU. I Love YOU. Please Forgive Me. I'm Sorry. :)

on May the 11th I enjoyed
1 quart water
2 cups greeeeeeen juice mixed with sugarcane juice
mug of herbal tea
an avocaco mashed together in a bowl with sauerkraut and dulse seaweed, with spirulina coconut chews, followed by a dried banana
2 cups water
1 tbsp bee pollen, a yummy papaya
2 cups water
big slice of pineapple
mug of Natural Calm

on May the 12th it was a travelling day for us and I loved
1 quart water
water of a young coconut
2 tbsp bee pollen
bowl of fresh fruit (granadillas, papaya, rambutan) with chia seed gel and coconut jelly-meat
2 cups water
2 cups carrot/orange juice (...??? odd S. American juice combo that's actually quite nice ;)
an orange-coloured fruit fest in the car: dragon fruit, granadillas, mandarin
mug of reishi/shilajit/ormus tea
2 cups water

On the subject of " Raw Emotions ", a sweet email came in yesterday from someone who had just finished reading the book
" Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your book. I felt your calming influence radiate from the pages. You gave me a model of what life could be like - what it would be like to be at peace. So thank you for your kind words and honesty, I read your book at a shakey time and it helped me a great deal.

All the best wishes,
Rebecca x"

Mmmm, thanks Rebecca :)
Remember that we have a special offer on at the moment for a four-pack of potentially life-shifting books: Raw Emotions, Non-Violent Communication, Anastasia and Raw Family - see HERE for that offer and...enjoy :)

on May the 13th it was a mostly liquids day for me and I was blissed with
1 quart water
2 cups greeeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice and lime juice
cup of mandarin juice combined with vitamin c powder
3 cups coconut water blended with Greener Grasses
cup of intense greeeeen juice
2 cups greeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice and lime juice
small handful of homemade coconut chips
2 cups water
water of a young coconut
2 cups greeeen smoothie made with granadilla, wild greens, cilantro
2 cups pineapple juice/lime juice/honey/water/salt
a papaya
mug of reishi/shilajit/ormus tea
2 cups water

on May the 14th I enjoyed
1 quart water
water of a young coconut
2 cups watermelon juice
2 cups greeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
1 cup greeeen smoothie (granadilla, berries, wild greens, cilantro)
2 tbsp bee pollen
2 cups water
yummy big shared meal at Sambuca Cafe: raw lasagne, tostadas, spirulina coconut chips, horchata tea and an Incan Berry Bliss Ball :)
mug of reishi/shilajit/ormus tea
1 cup water

Today was 'officially' the last day of the 2010 Vilcabamba Raw Food Gathering ...what an experience this has been, these last two weeks ;O
It seems there were around 120 or so 'raw' visitors here in the last couple of weeks and today we closed this phase of the gathering with a wonderful 'closing circle' :) We have shared many adventures and delights together in the last days: zip-lining, hikes, horse-rides, farm tours, talks, singing circles, massages, spa treatments, movie nights, potlucks, parties, meditations, work/playshops, yoga classes, healing sessions...what a blessing :) ...and there seem to be emerging intentions to play the game again next year too...more details to come... ;)
For now, there are many pictures on Facebook and the Raw Gathering Ning Community to peruse, plus I posted a set of pics on Flickr HERE and Mr. M has been posting videos regularly from here over at - enjoy :)

Maybe we'll see y'all down here next year for more fun and adventures... ;)

All love,
Angelalaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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