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Thailand Durian Magic...

Posted Jun 18 2008 6:08pm
We’re inThailandnow, as those of you who readMr Monarch’s blogwill be aware ;) We arrived last night toBangkokand we’re in a yummy state of bliss already, even if we’re still in the city right now ;) Freshdurian, pineapple, papaya, rambutan and longans right out on the street outside our hostel, elephants walking in the streets, countless salesman and hawkers selling their wares...and HEAT – I haven’t been anywhere sowarm and humidin quite afew months – it feels funny to have my arms exposed again and feel my skin, rather than being wrapped in layers ;) It is HOT here – it was about 30C/86F when we arrived last night – WOW ;) We’re off to hopefully find Bangkok’s very ownraw food restauranttoday –Rasayana– seeHERE.

I’m not sure how muchinternet accesswe’ll be getting the next few weeks, so bear with us if you send messages and don’t hear back swiftly ;)

onApril the 26thI had:

1.5 quarts water

1.5 cups pineapple juice

½ meal of blended gojis/almonds, with a little grawnola alongside ;)

1 quart water

little handful of seaweed

1 tbsp wheatgrass powder

1.5 quarts water

other half of blended goji/almond meal, with a little grawnola

handful of fresh sprouts and seaweed, a selection of little ‘bliss balls’ ;)

2 cups ‘kapha’ tea

3 cups water

Thanks for all theyummy messagesthat have been coming in about the ‘Raw 5 Years going on 6 Years’ video myself and the Monarch posted last week ;) We’re glad to hear many of you have been enjoying it too – it was certainly fun to film ;) Here’s acommentleft by one reader - Lyn- about the video, that I found amusing ;)

“Angela, your new Maria von Chia clip made my day! Matt'sinner von Trappcaptured on film was priceless! Thank you again for your daily blogs, you are truly inspirational.Love from Lyn in Manchester, UK”

If you haven’t seen that particularYouTube offeringyet, you can access itHERE– let your ears soak in the subtle pleasures ofraw food musical world;)

onApril the 27thI had:

1.5 quarts water

3 cups pineapple/celery/fennel/spinach/romaine/parsley juice

1 DELICIOUS cherimoya

2 cups water

meal of mixed sprouts, ½ avocado and seaweeds

2 cups water

little blended meal: soaked dried figs blended with spirulina and almonds

1.5 quarts water

handful of sprouts and seaweed

2 cups water

1 fresh coconut water and a few durian pods (here we go ;)

3 cups water

Have you seenRawMom.comyet? If you haven’t, this is another little side-venture from those lovelyRaw DivasTera and Amy that I would HIGHLY recommend. WOW. is a blog written by 7 actual, literal, living, bonefide Raw MOMS, who live all over the world:) They each writeone day a week, sharing tips and guidance on their areas of interest and there is some FABULOUS info in there to access. I am just so delighted to see that there’s a clear place for people who want to bring up littleraw magic monkeysto get guidance from others who are living this way, have gone down the path already and have a wealth of experience to share. I love it :) We even got the chance to meet one of the seven lovely ladies this weekend when we spoke in Melbourne –Joannecame along and it was lovely to meet her, along with the inimitableGala Darlingand many others we have connected with previously via the internet – THANKS to you all who came along... ;)

Now...on with the durian munching ;)

One love,

Angela. xxx
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