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Posted Sep 12 2008 11:46am

Ok, so…it turns out that I’m in Canada, not Jamaica…lol…hmmmmmmm…how did THAT happen…??? Looooong story…suffice it to say that I’m feeling delighted overall to be here – I have never spent much time in Canada before and am feeling very welcomed…it feels very ‘soft’ and friendly here to me, as well as summery and fresh…and I am relieved…I will quite likely set up some events in the Toronto area for sometime soon, so watch out for details of that if you are around…

On June the 6th I had:

1.5 litres water

500ml green/carrot/red pepper juice

1 box strawberries
bag of cherries
blend of coconut meat, figs, dulse and green powder (YUM)
500ml water

shot of E3 live

500ml cucumber/celery/apple juice

3 tbsps fresh bee pollen
1 litre water

My food intake is really quite simple at the moment…I have come to a realisation that my focus these days in terms of what goes in to my system is so much more about QUALITY rather than QUANTITY …my body’s ability to assimilate the foods I ingest is much greater than it used to be, after cleansing so much, so a small amount of high quality food works ideally for me, to get the nutrition I need…whereas in the past, eating was all about quantity for me – wanting huge amounts of everything. Now I would much rather have a small amount of smthg that is very high quality and will quickly and easily digest and be used by my body, than a large amount of food that is maybe not the greatest quality, not well-combined, etc just to get that ‘full’ feeling…this shift is interesting for me to witness in myself and I appreciate it – it feels very nourishing to me to move into this kind of pattern…

on June the 7th I had:

1 litre water

500ml cucumber/celery/apple juice

3 peaches
500ml water

soaked/dehydrated seeds, nori, spinach

1 tbs goji berries

500ml water
bag of cherries

shot of E3 live

1 egg fruit with some coco/chocolate sauce
1.5 litres water

In the latest RawReform Newsletter, which was sent out this week, I included a review of Ani Phyo’s fabulous new raw recipe book ‘Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen’ – I’m going to share the review here too, for anyone that missed it – I cannot recommend this recipe book highly enough – yes, it is recipes, but they are SIMPLE and seem ‘clean’, well-combined and above all...YUMMY ;) Ani's book is gaining great recognition already - it was even reviewed last week on well-known blog Boing Boing...

RAW RECIPE BOOK REVIEW: Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen by Ani Phyo

I confess – I rarely get excited about raw recipe books. As you may have noticed if you’re a regular reader of my e-journal, I tend to eat pretty simply. I’m far more likely to reach for a head of romaine and an avocado to munch on than to pull out a recipe book…and YET…a new raw recipe book has just hit the market in the last few weeks that I’m genuinely excited about ;) Ani Phyo’s ‘ Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen ’ is, in my opinion, an outstanding piece of work. Setting a new pace in style, sophistication and simplicity, Ani’s book speaks to me on so many levels and oozes authenticity. She is really a star. If you’re not familiar with Ani, she is the executive chef for SmartMonkey foods, who make yummy raw bars and other treats. She’s been on a raw path for many years and is a shining example of radiant raw health. She is also a keen promoter of all things green and this, for me, is what really sets this recipe book apart – aside from the fabulous recipes, Ani has included a wealth of tips for helping people to live greener, cleaner, healthier lives – from recycling to green energy, buying local to composting, there is plenty to inspire…and it’s presented in an easy-to-follow, accessible, fun format. I love this. I feel this book is going to help masses of people to simplify and green up their lives and for that I feel a HUGE amount of gratitude for what Ani has put on offer here.
Ani’s recipes are easy to follow and use simple ingredients, yet look truly delicious at the same time. Here is a chef who truly knows how to work with simple combos of flavourful raw ingredients to produce outstanding results. Most of the recipes have fewer than 6 or 7 ingredients and they are all accompanied by little icons to indicate which kitchen equipment you may need to make the dish. This makes it very user-friendly to flick through the book and see what to make based on the equipment you have.
I love that Ani’s sweetener of choice is dates. Yes, they may be high glycemic, but they are a WHOLE food, unlike something like agave syrup, which has been tapped from the cactus and quite likely heated to a high temperature. Ani favours water-rich foods every time (love it ;), hence the emphasis on dates rather than syrups.
I feel excited when I read this book. I can feel the beautiful, clear, vibrant energy that Ani embodies and is sharing with the world now through this book. It’s sleek, stylish, beautifully designed and all about simplicity ;) I can see this easily being my top raw recipe book recommendation from now on…
Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen is published by Avalon, costs $19.95 and is available now – you can buy it online HERE or in book stores. ENJOY ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx
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