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Reversing pot belly at a time...

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:46am

Many of you have been writing lately to tell me how much you appreciate these e-journals. Thank you. I do not always get the chance to reply to you all individually, but I want you to know that it means a lot to me to hear your feedback. Your enthusiasm helps me to stay motivated with my work and the momentum of spreading this message…and wow, there really is SOOOO much work to do in this field…and I am grateful for every avenue that opens to me to share this message…as I travel all over the States at the moment, I see people dealing with overweight and obesity issues, literally everywhere I go…the MAJORITY of people in this country are dealing with these issues…I look at the people on the streets as I pass along and feel shocked at the numbers of obese people …there is a LOT of work that can be done to help turn this trend around and I feel very blessed to be able to share, as a living example of how we can deal with this situation with healthy, natural, sustainable solutions…thanks for your support:)

on May the 22nd I had:

1.5 litres water
shot of wheatgrass
couple tablespoons of prunes blended with walnuts
1 litre water
handful of spinach
600ml green juice with apple
avocado, lime juice, Himalayan salt, nori
1 date
500ml water
2 peaches
500ml water
1 apple
500ml water

I took some really appreciated ‘ down-time ’ today…went for a wonderful bike ride around a gorgeous lake, in the sun, did a bentonite face pack, read more of the inspiring ‘ Law of Attraction ’ book, which I have not made time to connect with since I left Costa Rica…and got to sleep before midnight – yeeeeeeeeeeee-HAH ;) I REALLY appreciated this bit of ‘time-out’ amidst this current full-on tour schedule…I truly believe in the idea that in order to serve others to the best of our potential, we need to take great care of OURSELVES first – that way we tend to be in a great space - open, grounded and more able to allow the energy flow to work through us in love and joy…

on May the 23rd I had:

1 litre water
500ml smoothie - prune soak water, prunes, spirulina, maca, water (YUMM ;)
avo/spinach/lime juice/Himalayan salt/nori
1 litre water
600ml green juice with apple
handful of sunflower seeds with nori sheets
500ml water
500ml water
water of one young coconut
500ml water

I spoke in Fairfax, VA this night to a sweet, mixed group of people, ranging from total raw newbies to those who had been totally raw for a number of years. It was fun. It was in a building where my friend works in a wellness centre – Neck, Back and Beyond – as a colon hydrotherapist. She gave me a colonic in the afternoon and I was HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH afterwards ;) LOL…I have not had a professional colonic in probably about 10 months or so and was very interested to see what kind of results would now occur, after my 92-Day Juice Feast…well, according to my friend, all was in very good working order – no issues really at all. Nice. :) I did feel very light and ‘ high ’ afterwards though – spaced…I went home and took a lot of probiotics and drank green juice and all was well again ;) JUICE SAVES...

One love,
Angela. xxx

(P.S. This is the 150th post on this e-journal today ;) what a long way we've come...thanks for sharing the joy along the way... :)

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