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Raw in ICELAND...??? ;)

Posted Jun 18 2008 6:08pm
I’m inIceland:) I arrived yesterday and am very glad to be back :) As some of you who read this know, I used to live here, on and off, over a period of 3.5 years. I actuallywent raw here, way back in 2002. I haven’t visited for at least 2 years and it’s wonderful to be here again :)

Some of the things ILOVEabout being here:

*I find theAIR and WATERquality off-the-scale amazing. The air is so clean it’s like you can get high just breathing here ;) Nowhere else in the world that I’ve been would Idrink the tap water, except here – the water is just phenomenal – so clean and ‘pure’ tasting. It’s so odd to me to drink from the same tap I’ve just been washing dishes from... ;)

*The light...ohhhhhhh, yessssss, the light, the light, the endless light. It’s days away from summer solstice and the daylight here already pretty much doesn’t end...more-or-less24 hour daylightis one of those magical things about Iceland in the summer :) Last night it was around 11pm when I went to bed – however, from looking out the window, it could have been 4 in the afternoon...I love it...midnight hikesanyone...? ;)

*Small population of humans– this is definitely key for me – there are around300,000humans in this whole country (smthg like the size of Ireland). That’s not many folk. I like that ;) While the human population worldwide apparently DOUBLED from around 1950 to 2000, the population here still feelsreassuringly petite. I really appreciate the sweet ‘humanity’ this seems to foster between people – crime rates are very low, the general atmosphere seems relaxed and easy-going and it just feels like there’s so much more ‘head-space’ here than in other places – more room to think than in a space crammed with other humans ;)

*Stunning scenery– yep...Iceland is a natural wonderland – geysers, waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, horses, lava fields, rolling countryside, dramatic beachscapes – it’s got thelot...even Reykjavik, the capital city, feelsspaciousand ‘green’ compared to any other city I’ve encountered...

*It’s lovely to hear so muchIcelandicagain and flex the language nodes in my brain ;) I used to speak Icelandic pretty well when I lived the interim, a fair amount seems to have fallen out of my brain, or at least fallen asleep, as I rarely use the language elsewhere (though I do enjoy passing a few choice words onto Mr. Monarch at times ;). It feels good to beimmersedin Icelandic again and soaking it up...

Today was incidentally the ‘National Day’ of Iceland, wherein the majority of the population can be found wandering the streets in Reykjavik, enjoying outdoor entertainment and celebrating theirindependence:) It was fun to go downtown today and join the thronging masses...happy national day, Iceland :)

onJune the 14thI had:

1 quart water

mug pau d’arco tea

2 cups juice: celery/cucumber/spinach/parsley

2 cups smoothie: brazil nut butter, yacon powder, carob powder, green powder, water

3 cups water

1.5 cups juice: celery/cucumber/spinach/parsley

handful of bee pollen/hemp seed and a morsel of raw chocolate (sans intense sugars)

3 cups water

3 nori rolls stuffed with baby spinach, alfalfa, broccoli and mung bean sprouts & jalepeno/cilantro hummus. 2 tsps goji powder

1 quart water

onJune the 15thI had:

1 quart water

mug of rooibus tea

2 cups celery/cucumber/spinach/parsley/endive/fennel juice

3 nori rolls stuffed with baby spinach, alfalfa, broccoli and mung bean sprouts & jalepeno/cilantro hummus. Little ball of lucuma/maca/yacon powder/carob/water

1 quart water

pack of curry nori powerstix

2 cups celery/cucumber/spinach/parsley/endive/fennel juice

2 cups smoothie: pumpkin seeds, macadamia butter, yacon powder, carob powder, green powder, water

mug of pau d’arco tea

1 cup water

Hmmmmmm, something a littleunfortunatehappened. I accidentally left half of the capsules for theparasite cleanseI’ve been doing, in, for today at least, my parasite elimination programme has beentemporarily suspended– well, the herbal part of itanyway – I’ve continued to eat the same way today and intend to try to find an alternative source of the appropriateherbshere asap, so that I can continue...I’ll keep you updated how that goes ;) So far I haven’t noticed any HUGE changes since taking the herbs – it’s only been a week though and it’s intended to be a3 week cleanse, so...we’ll see how it unfolds from here ;)

onJune the 16thI had:

1 quart water

2 cups celery/cucumber/spinach/parsley/endive/fennel juice

salad of spinach leaves, mixed sprouts and dulse with flax crackers and brazil nut butter

1 quart water

a delicious orange bell pepper

2 cups water

2 tsp green powder

2 cups smoothie: sunflower seed butter, yacon powder, carob powder, green powder, water

3 cups water

onJune the 17thI had:

1 quart water

2 cups green juice: cucumber, watercress, cilantro, spinach, fennel, ginger – yummmmmy :)

3 nori rolls stuffed with spinach, alfalfa, mixed sprouts and a mixture of jalepeno hummus with pistachio butter

mug of spice tea

1 quart water

handful of trail mix: almonds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries

2 cups water

2 cups smoothie: sunflower seed butter, yacon powder, carob powder, green powder, water

2 cups water

In April 2007, I facilitated a womens’Juice Feastingretreat atRonora Lodgein Michigan. It was a spectacular success, with many participants saying at the end of it that it was one of thehighlightsof their lives. Now Ronora hasexpandedits raw food facilities into the beautiful new ‘Raw Food Villa’ and will be offeringLiving Health Retreatsthis summer and beyond. I think this is a VERY exciting opportunity for anyone who is interested to go on anaffordable 3-10 day retreat, get immersed in raw yumminess and connect with others on the same path. The current scheduled retreat dates are:

July 17-27

August 14-24

August 29-Sept 3 with Victoria Boutenko :)

September 18-28

October 16-26

You can see more details on their site:http://livinghealthretreats.comor you can also call them on 1-877-RAW-RAW8 (1-877-729-7298).

If you’ve never been to Ronora or heard about it, the land there is stunning – the caretakers keep most of it as awildlife reserveand also buy up surrounding properties when possible,to add to this protected space. The property is 400+ lovely, quiet acres for you to explore and enjoy; it has a secludedprivate lake, acres of woods, wildlife, pristine pastures and miles ofnature trails. There is a LOT of love at Ronora, plus space, fresh air, tranquility and now amazing raw food facilities too :) I’m excited to get back there when I can, to hold another retreat at some the meantime, I strongly recommend you check out theirscheduleif you’re looking for a raw-friendly getaway ;)


All love,

Angela. xxx
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