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Putting it on the Plate with PICKKA – A Light and Fresh Dessert For Memorial Day

Posted May 27 2010 6:19am

Cream-filled Dessert Cakes with Fresh Fruit.

Memorial Day is fast approaching.  As is the case with many families on this day of remembrance, my family and I like to celebrate with a special meal that includes an after-dinner dessert.  I usually bake these special occasion desserts from scratch.  But, this year, I will be leaving for a trip shortly after our celebration; therefore, I need to make something that doesn’t require a lot of time.

I want to make a dessert that will be fresh and light.  My choice is to make Cream-filled Dessert Cakes with Fresh Fruit. I know I can buy pre-made ingredients (e.g., mini dessert cake shells) for this dessert to help me save time in preparation.  Because I want this dessert to be lower in fat, I have chosen to use my Evincii/PICKKA’s Eat This? app for the iPhone to help me find ingredients that meet my health goals.

Store bought mini dessert cake shells decrease preparation time.

Thanks to my “ Eat This?” app, I was able to find pudding mix that fell within the “Alright Choice” range and the remaining ingredients in the “Very Good Choice” category.  Here is how to make a low-fat version of Cream-filled Dessert Cakes with Fresh Fruit:


3.4 ounce package of fat-free instant vanilla pudding

3/4 cup low-fat sour cream

2 cups fat-free whipped topping, thawed

12 pre-made mini dessert cake shells

flaxseed meal* (enough to garnish tops of cakes)

pre-made strawberry glaze (found in baking aisle next to canned fruit pie fillings)

fresh blueberries (or your favorite type of berries)


In a medium-sized bowl, combine sour cream and instant pudding mix (see picture).

Once combined, the sour cream/pudding mixture should resemble this.

Next, blend in two cups of thawed whipped topping at medium speed until smooth.

Blend whipped topping into sour cream/pudding mixture until smooth.

Fill cake shells with cream mixture.  Sprinkle flaxseed meal to garnish.  Top each cream-filled cake with 3 blueberries.  Next, pipe strawberry glaze over dessert to decorate (Tip: Fill plastic sandwich bag with glaze.  Seal top and cut tip off of one of the bag’s bottom corners.  Gently squeeze glaze onto dessert).  Makes 12 mini Cream-filled Dessert Cakes with Fresh Fruit.  Keep chilled until ready to serve.

*flaxseed meal can be replaced by wheat germ or chopped nuts.


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