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Long time, no post: Big Difference!

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:21pm

Well, I didn't realize it had been this long since I had posted. Sorry to all of you who had been trying to follow along. We have had some major family issues come up, and blogging just hasn't found its way into my schedule lately.

Well, first off - I am down to 204 lbs, which is about a 63 pound loss since January 26th! I have gone down 2 clothing sizes (I don't count them like the commercials do - they would say I've gone down 4, since women's clothing is numbered only in even sizes) Hmm [^o)] And I have come off of all of my blood pressure medications. The only meds I still take are those for my depression and migraines - and since that is not tied into my weight, it's possible I may never come off of them. But I'm glad to be off all the rest!

Also, I have a neck! And its long and I can wear necklaces and they look good. And I only have 1 chin. And nobody asks me if I'm pregnant or when I am due (that one always hurt the worst, because people did it innocently.) My wedding rings fit again, too. I haven't been able to wear them for 4 years!

Yesterday was really exciting! We took the kids to six flags for the day. The last time I went I couldn't ride many things, because I was so big - I didn't fit in the seats, or the seatbelts wouldn't fasten. my most embarassing moment was when I went to take my 2 yr old on the tractor truck ride. He was going to ride in the cab and I'd be in back. The girl wouldn't start the ride until my belt was fastened (it wouldn't stretch). I mean, it was a kiddie ride!!! So i was going to get off and let Seth ride it with my 7 yr old daughter, Jordan, but he was terrified about me leaving. Everyone was staring at me! I finally sucked in my breath, sat up as tall as i could, and held the set belt "closed" with my hands. The girl had to see it was actually fastened before she would start it. I unbelted as soon as we turned the corner. It was humiliating!

But , yesterday I could ride everything - and even could tighten some belts up! And I wasn't gasping for air after walking up a hill. My feet did hurt at the end of the day - but they weren't swollen, and my knees were just fine. David (hubby) was actually ready to go home before me!

I'm still vomiting if I eat the wrong thing. (I really miss my salmon). I goofed and ate a sushi roll - the rice didn't make me sick, but the seaweed wouldn't go down - so came back up. So now it's just sashimi for me (and I can eat salmon raw I've discovered.) Steak is still too much, but I can get thinly sliced roast beef from the deli, and it goes down well. Pork - that just depends on whether it is still tender, or if it is too dry. I did get an urge for spaghetti one night (watching my family eat) so thought I'd try a little bit - BAD MOVE!!! I was sick all night and the next day. I also tried to drink a cocktail - my husband made me a kahlua and cream - and I guess between the sugar and the alcohol, I was blitzed. But it was not happy! I felt horrible.

I've had a couple of people write into me to say they've either had WLS, and are doing great, or I had one reader write and say she lost her sister due to complications arising from WLS.

I never want to give the impression that this is an easy surgery, or a decision that should be made lightly. So I asked her permission to post her e-mail to me for all of you to read. I'll blank out the names for her privacy, but I do want everyone to be aware that there are serious risks associated with this surgery. The simple fact is, most surgeons do not like doing surgery on the obese because so much can go wrong anyway. Putting an obese person under anesthesia is always risky. But for some of us the benefits outweigh the risk. Only you can make that decision, however.

So be sure if you are considering this to do lots of research, and if your doctor doesn't require a psychological exam, try to find a counselor familiar with this anyway, to see if you are prepared for the changes. Because as happy as I sound, there have been some rough moments (vomiting, fighting food cravings - the mental kind, stomach cramping). And you really need to be sure you are ready for this - because this is kind of like a hysterectomy; no going back to undo it once its done!

Weight: 204

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