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Last Night's Run

Posted Sep 04 2009 9:06am
Last night's run was supposed to be tempo intervals for 35 minutes. I was actually looking forward to it, even though I was totally fatigued in the afternoon. The weather has been less humid and it is much easier to see your progress. I like progress. :)

After a cat-nap while the Barbie Pegasus movie was on, I left when Daddy got home. The warm-up was fine. I started running and at about the 1/2 mile mark I started getting that rushing in my chest. I hate calling it palpatations, but that's what they are. To me they feel like that anxiety feeling you get when you have a near-miss to what could have been a fatal accident.

Anway, this has happened many times before (once on an open water swim when I was out 300+ yards). I just try to relax and it generally passes. When I'm in the water I just float on my back until it's over. Last night's episode lasted 12 minutes -- the longest episode ever. I stopped for a couple minutes and tried to just walk at a fast pace. I still wasn't coming down and my HR recovery time is pretty short. It seemed I couldn't walk slow enough! I made it back to the area where we regroup and just sat down and cried. I didn't wale, but I was weepy with frustration. There are so many things I want to do and this Thyroid BS plays a part in so much of it, that until we are at least close to regulating it, I can't even begin to think about some of those things.

I know I've read what a long process it is to get regualted, but I did think that 5 months would bring me much closer than it has. I do trust my Doc, so I just have to hang in there.

Anyway, I stayed and stretched and did core. After we were done I was feeling better, so I felt like I had to redeem myself and finished my run. I was absolutely fine. Go figure.
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