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Is a corned beef sandwich on rye bread bad for you? I just started a diet and ate one for lunch...

Posted by DebbieM77

I saw someone on The Biggest Loser get hollared at about it a couple seasons ago...
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I suppose it depends on how you look at it.  I recently read and article that say Rye Bread has just as much fiber as wheat bread (I'm sure that's not true in some cases, as we all know some breads are far better than others)

Here's something to consdier when you think about your goals.  There are good choices and not-as-good choices.  The not-as-good choices will have consequences.

For instance, just compare Corned Beef to Turkey:

Corned Beef Brisket
80 Calories per serving (43% from fat)
1.5 g Saturated fat
40 mg Cholesterol
460 mg Sodium
12 g. Protein (a redeeming value)
0 Carbohydrates

Turkey Breast
22 Calories (3% from fat)
0.1 g Saturated Fat
9 mg Cholesterol
213 mg Sodium
0.9 g. Carbohydrates

Depending on your lifestyle and goals I suppose a case could be made for either.  For me, if I'm looking a long lasting weight loss I'd consdier the turkey first.  The Corned Beef would certainly be a "treat" eat for me.

Corned beef sandwich are traditionbal slathered in Russian Dressing and and that can really make the calories add up.  The sodium content of just the meat and saurkraut alone far exceed dietary guidelines.  If you're watching Sodium intake, this is probably not a good choice. 

All that said, I am certain you could create a "heath" conscious version of th sandwhich.  Keep in mind the goal of the Biggest Loser is to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time.  Because of those restraints the Corned Beef sandwich, if served traditionally, would be a huge no-no.

Thanks so much Donna, this is a huuge help to me, i really appreciate it...The Biggest Loser is a good show, although they are harsh on the contestants sometimes, they do actually teach discipline.  Have you been watchin this season?
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