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Investigative Reporting

Posted Sep 12 2008 12:03pm
Okay, so I have some issues of concern which are going to require some investigative research. A few entries back, I rant about our online supprot group moderator. I shared my frustration with her lack of details and innuendo which has left pre-op support group members wondering if our doctor of choice is the "wolf in sheep's clothing" she keeps referring to.

I used Lexis/Nexis, a leagal research system available to anyone online, and ir found 6 malpractice suits, in 2006, against my surgeon. Of course I know we live in a letiginous state; people sue for everything. This doctor has such an awesome reputation that I'd hate to fall into believing there is anything substatial.

So, now at least I have the docket numbers. I guess a trip to public records is in order. I messaged the moderator and asked her if I was on the right track, and she could only respond "I think so" and "there is more".

I hate that she's making me question my surgeon at this point in the game, but I have to do the due diligence. I have to.
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