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i love bananas. i eat several a day, will that interfere with my losing weight. Thanks

Posted by stealthone

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Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and have more vitamins and nutrients than apples, so maybe we should say "A banana a day to keep the doctor away".


Bananas help regulate glucose levels and are also thought to promote bowel function and are rich in iron. 


Bananas are good in the diet. To help promote weight loss, cut them up with water rich fruits such a grapes and apples and oranges - this will increase your fiber, feeling of fullness and satiety, and give you variety --- all of these things will promote your weight loss and no reason to give up on your beloved bananas. 


Personally I use bananas as a energy boost before sports and a recovery food after - one piece of toast, spread with a bit of peanut butter, and banana slices on top tastes great and keeps me feeling full, satisfied and energetic. 

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