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I have a hard skin on stomach lower right side an its spread now to below bellybutton an left side

Posted by helpmeplease

the hard spot seems scaly like feels like skin is dead or dying, its real hard, if i put hands left an right of stomach an push them together it feels like a large mass 8 inches long an 6inches from pelvic area to bellybutton, this is so hard for me to deal with, I am single parent with 2 kids an they need me and I'm terrified of surgeries, I have asked my doctor so many times an she says i need to see a surgeon yet nothing ever happens, i have spent hours on my pc trying to figure out what it is so I can suggest something but i really cant narrow this one down. I do wonder if its a mass like a syst, I had 2 removed one from face by eye which has returned an a new one is now below my eye a inch over from old ones location. but if it was a syst why when i awake is the hard spot so much smaller then it is after im upright?  I went to a local er an they said obese people sometimes get a fluid build up in stomach like this they dont know why they think its a layer trying to protect that area. I did take antibiotics for 5 days once just to see if i saw a difference an to me it got smaller during the time i was on the antibiotic, im lost. any suggestions?  Oh btw i am not a diabetic an i take oxycodone an methadone for chronic pain in low back, i also take amlodipine for blood pressure,simvastatin for cholesterol and inhalers for asthma, I also have massive stomach cramps when I feel the need to have a bm, it is my only warning that I have to use the bathroom I feel no normal desire to go.

This morning I paid more attention to the mass when I got up from laying down 6hrs, even the head skin spot was all soft almost as if nothing was wrong there at all, as I sit here now at pc the hard spot is back, that is what makes me believe the fluid answer I got from that ER doctor, dam I'm confised on this one :(

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Sorry I don't have an answer for you. My son has something simular to what you describe. He is superobese, about 600 pounds. He also has a growth/herina or something that is close to basketball size UNDER his stomach. I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow. Seems like when it comes to the really obese people doctors just don't have a answer or doesn't try to even find one.
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