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I am the only one over weight in my family so evry time i try to loss weight they sabotage it .How can i manage to diet

Posted by sararh.smith

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Douglas R is right... of course I'm not a medical professional, I just have hardcore life experience.

Sometimes we give our families too much power in our lives.  It may not be really that they are sabbotaging you, but rather, the"programming" they've tuned you into all these years could have something to do with it.

For me it was always, "you could never do that you''re overweight".  Or "No one would hire you for that job, they can't have someone fat doing it". Eventually we learn to defeat ourselves before even trying.

The psychological side of things is (in my experience) the harder part to deal with.  If we don't figure out the root cause, then no matter what changes we make in our lives, we'll never be fully successful. 

Not that Dr. Beck's book won't be a good resource, just keep in mind there are plenty of resources around for you to get assistance in this area if a book doesn't do it for you. 

Don't give up on yourself before you start.  Don't let them have that power to sabbotage your effort.  Put yourself at the top of your priority list and do what you need to stay there.  it sounds a little self-centered, but that's okay.  There's a difference between being self-centered and taking care of yourself versus bing selfish.

Good luck to you!

Donna :)

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