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I am much heavier than I look !!

Posted by vishwas

I am 5 feet five inches in height and weight 73 Kg's , but those who know me refuse to believe me and say I look like a guy who weighs around 65 kg


I have been facing this problem way long back , I was overweight right from childhood and after I reached age of 26 I did some dieting and was able to lose inches ,my clothes size reduced from large and extra large to normal.. but the weight has remained the same !  

could it be because of any other factors ? 

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Did you practice a routine of weightlifting?  Strength training can increase lean muscle mass and reduce your body's inches.  If you weren't on a severely restricted diet, perhaps you lost a small amount of weight and built more muscle.

People tell me the same thing, when I tell them how much I weigh.  In fact, my Mother is a professional Dancer and when she tells people how much she weighs, they wonder where she carries her weight!

The women in my family, historically, are stocky, in that we all carry muscle.  We just as easily build muscle.  For many years I was 340+ lbs.  I know that my legs are what my trainer calls "stupid strong".  I just have strong legs without even trying, but I really believe that's from walking around overweight for so many years.

I've also learned that in being obese, your bones tend to be thicker, that could create a difference in weight also.  I'm sure one of the Professional Health Bloggers could answer this question more adequately.

Until then, I hope this gives you some things to think about. 

Thanks ... Well I have never had been through weight training for longer durations , besides My mom and my sister are overweight too. I am also looking into consulting some endochrinolgist as I feel There are other sypmtoms along with this which suggests I could be facing some hormonal problems too. my family has a tendency to gain weight way too soon
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