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I am morbidly obese can I get a gastric bypass on the nhs

Posted by Pammie

I have tried losing wieght and succeed but then pile it all back on again and more. I would likje a gastric bypass but cannot afford one could I get one on the nhs if my doctor puts me forward or will I have to pay?
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hi, i am the same as you,i am also morbidly obease due to a medical reason.i asked my doctor if i could go for weight loss surgery and he said 'because it is so expensive i have to try every method going of losing weight' so here i am taking weight loss pills, this is the 2nd weight loss tablet i have tried and it has helped a little,but i am still morbidly over health is suffering because of it and they will dont do nothing about it.i turned round and said to my mother.... i would probably have to be dying before they let me go for surgery.i am really limited to what i can do and i have chronic athsma also which is a massive strain.i am bordering 30 stone and i really do not want to put on any more weight.if i go over 35 stone i have told everybody i willtake my own life,people do not realise how hard it is for us,and more so for the people who have a medical condition.i really want the surgery so bad and i have read up on it and understand the risks... but its a chance you have to take. i lose so much weight then put it all back on again,you do not have to pay for the surgery if it is on the nhs.

Hi Baby Blues and Pammie

Go back to your Doctors and demand to see a specalist as my friend has just had this operation within 6 weeks she has lost 2 stone and feels so much more fitter. Due to medication i have gone from a size 14 to a size 20-22 and i am now thinking i want a gastric band fitted!

 You do have to push for a gastric bypass as Doctors dont sugest them for you,  If you have dieted and lost weight and gained it again it back it pushes you in to a depression, i dont know why doctors are not suggesting these operations to people who have tried to lose weight???

This is the right time to try and have this operation as April is the end of the year for the hospital so they have funding

Good Luck to anyone who has it done, as i hate being FAT and I hate the fact that thin people think over weight people are lazy and eat loads and  we aren't Lazy and i dont each anything like my size 6 sister :O(

Hi Baby and Pammie check this one I hope this will helpful. 

hello, I have other health issues like rhuamtoid arthritis and an underactive thyroid. I have had a problem with my weight since I was 12 years old, I am now 54. I went to my G P and asked him to refer me for a gastric by pass last year in about august.  I had my first appointment 6 weeks later  and several appointments since then. I am having my operation  at the end of March.  I am very excited about this and just can't wait for the date to some around.  Go to your GP and insist that you are referred they can't refuse you.  The hopsital will decide if you are suitable for the operation but be positive, you won't know if you don't try it.  Good luck, I hope you get your wish.  regards Carol

hi i was told by my dr that my bmi was not high enough my bmi is 37.5 now i carn't get the operation untill my bmi reaches 50' ive tried the blue pills xenical they upset my tummy been on a special 10 week course but carn't get any further help even been to the local gym but no weight loss had my thyroid test nomal, im at a loss what to do next i have trouble with my weight my waist is 54' im 6ft tall and im 20 stones, i get you can only get help if you are over 50 stones what the point of asking for help if you don't get it?

mike barnsley

Hi, just to let you know doctors DO suggest bypass operations without you approaching them first. Im in the first stages of referal. My doctor suggested to me that a bypass may be suitable for me. He sent me away to think about it and do some research i have since been back to give him the go ahead to refer me. Im just waiting to here from the hospital. I do believe that you now have to have a bmi of over 50 because of the cutbacks in the nhs

Hi, I have just been reading your posts and was really interested to hear the views and all the hellpful information! I am 32 now and am about 22.5 stone! And I know I am gaining!! Alot of this is because I am down! I have always been big and have lost some weight etc just with hard work and also with the help of Xenical. But this time I feel helpless! For the first time (although it has happened before but I have worked my way through it) I dont want to go out socially! I make excuses to get out of any form of socialising. I go to work and the shops if I have to but that is where it ends! I hate the way I look, the looks I get. I get ignored as a person, but not in my size people are happy to stare, but they cant possible talk to you!! If they do my opinion seems to count for nothing! I hate feeling invisible when I know and hate the fact that I very much am not!!!!!!!

I have booked an appointment to see my GP, wanted to see a lady DR but was unable to feeling that she might understand more, but I have to see my own male GP. I am not one to really go to the DR and feel a bit stupid going for this reason, but I need some help this time and have recognised that fact. 

Would I be referred by my gp do you think? Is it an easy process or do you need to battle to get a referral? 

 Any help or more information would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks to you all xx

Hi Emma,

I am in the same position as you. i am 5 foot 3 and 20 stone - my bmi is over 51 and it is putting so much strain on my legs. i struggle to get up from seated position. I tried walking up some stairs in my Mum's house yesterday, and felt like I was going to fall. I have been exercising and walking for 5 months but I cannot control my eating. I have struggled with my weight for 21 years and I am so depressed about it. I exercise, lose weight, and put more back on. I walk like I'm a 60 year old and I'm only 32. 

I can't sleep for the worry that I am going to get diabetes like my Mum or a heart conditon like my Dad. I have a young baby and I need to be there for him. I hate myself for being overweight like this.  I wish I could just magic away this  weight and be healthy. I am so ashamed of the way I look, and I know people judge me. 

I have an appointment with my gp today and I'm terrified, because I don't know how to ask for help. 

Hi Emma, i have been referred for weight loss surgery but am still waiting for appointment at the hospital. To be referred you must have a BMI of over 40 or have serious health problems. I'm like you, i only like to see a lady doctor but don't be scared, you have to go to the doctor and ask for help.

I have struggled for 10years with weight problems and now i am getting the signs for type one diabeties. You must prove that you have tired all ways to lose weight and keep it off, i have had them all but i found thta the slimming pill Reductil worked for me and i managed to lose 6stone but you can only stay on that pill for 12months, so after i stopped it all went back on.

I only saw my doctor yesterday as im on 10 painkillers a day to help with my back problems due to being overweight, he was really nice and understanding and told me they get more funding in April for weight loss surgery. There is a waiting list but he did tell me within 6months but i did get referred in October 2010.

Talk to your doctor and really push it if you have too because if you get type one diabeties it costs the NHS a lot more money to treat it  than it would for the surgery. Don't feel stupid, go and talk and say that you would like to be considered for the operation.

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