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I am experiencing a sharp pain on the inner part of my left ankle when I walk . Could this be related to an old fracture?

Posted by sarah6285592

I had a fracture in my ankle about 19 years ago when I was eleven. About 2 years ago, when I was walking, I felt a sharp, excruciating pain on the inner part of my ankle in the same region of the fracture. It went away and then about 3 weeks ago, I experienced this same pain once again. I stayed off of the ankle and it went away, but then yesterday while I was at the gym, the same thing happenned and now when I walk on it, it hurts, then it goes away. I am overweight, but I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's disease, so the weight is finally coming off thanks to the help of the Synthroid medication. What should I do?
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