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How can I get rid of this irritating belly fat. I am not nearly rich. Help!

Posted by Latoya B. Facebook

Severly round in the center
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Hi Latoya! Unfortunately you can not spot reduce fat but you can lose weight from all over your body including your stomach by reducing your calories and developing a an exercise plan.  I'd recommend signing up for which is a fantastic website that helps you develop a daily caloric range, a meal plan, and an exercise plan.  I'd also recommend just taking small steps to change your current habits.  For example if you are drinking soda, try drinking diet soda or water.  Add more fruits and vegetables.  Reduce your cooking fats by cooking food using a cooking spray.  Weight loss is both an emotional and physical journey. Focus on developing a healthier lifestyle instead of losing weight.  Just believe that you can make the changes necessary for a healthier lifestyle!!
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