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Gratitude and Suspicious Stools...

Posted Sep 12 2008 3:55am

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the amazing book cover designs we’ve received so far – WOW, you’re such a talented bunch :) We’re really impressed…what is also fascinating for us is that the same themes and colours keep coming through – the ones which we too have seen and spoken of since we started to plan the cover…the collective conscious is truly alive and pulsing ;)
If you have smthg you’d still love to submit to us, the deadline stands at midnight, Monday the 27th of August, PST …send entries to … Thanks :)

On August the 24th I had:

1.5 litres water
500ml warm water with lemon juice
700ml watermelon/orange juice
700ml green juice with carrot
romaine wraps with avo, dulse, sauerkraut, sprouts, lime juice, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds
1 litre water
bowl of chia seeds mixed with blended apples, swirled with mulberries, lucuma powder and cinnamon
500ml water
½ large papaya
500ml water

MMmmmmMmMmMMMmmmm… chia continues to light up my culinary world ;) loving it, loving it, loving it…for those of you in the UK/Europe who want to get your hands and taste buds wrapped around some of these yummy little pods, we still have a few 1lb (454g) bags available here – at £10 a bag – as far as I’m aware, it isn’t yet available anywhere in the UK, so email me at if you want some and we can get them sent to you soon – first come, first served ;) For those of you elsewhere in the world, you can also order all the chia your heart desires – in 1lb and 5lb bags – from HERE …hurray :) We’re all going to be racing around like little road runners on chia energy soon ;)

On August the 25th I had:

1.5 litres water
700ml watermelon/orange juice
½ large papaya
10 fresh figs
handful of extraordinary ‘maribel’ miniature yellow plums
700ml green juice with carrot
big salad with greens, avo, arame seaweed, tomatoes, red pepper, cilantro, sauerkraut and sprouts
500ml water
bowl of banana/persimmon/mulberry ice cream with little rolled balls of pumpkin seed/dried apricot/lucuma powder mixture…mmmmmm ;)
500ml rooibos tea
500ml water

Some Raw Food Reflections...
Mother Nature provides us with raw food, direct from the earth…all the other land-dwelling animals eat what they like/thrive on, then defecate back onto the land the remains, including seeds and so on, to help further the proliferation of species. What do most humans do, in comparison? Well…we take that food from the earth, we process it, steam it, grind it, ‘refine’ it, distill it, boil it, bake it, bottle it, package it and sell it to each other. Humans eat this stuff…THEN we flush our bizarre feces full of Franken-food chemicals and sludge into the ocean, as if we’re trying to hide the suspicious packages of evidence from Mother Earth, who is perhaps wondering where all the nutrients from the land went and what this peculiar species is up to… :O ??? LOL…really…it is totally absurd when you look at it that way…what ARE we doing…? We are given all that we truly thrive on, direct from this land, this planet…and yet we complicate things in the most farcical manner to astonishing levels…it seems if you ask most people if they would prefer to live a simpler life, they give an emphatic ‘YES’ and yet, when it comes to eating simpler FOOD, from a simpler food supply chain…well, that’s a different matter…most of our societies simply aren’t embracing of that model yet…people aren’t accustomed to it…they don’t know where to begin…as ironic as it is, pre-packaged ‘ fast-foods’ seem to appeal to most as simpler than eating food straight from the Earth…they can just grab a sandwich at a deli and get on with things…this may seem ‘simpler’ and yet, it belies the complications and processes that have gone into the creation of that sandwich…the processing of the wheat, the baking of bread, the resource-intensive raising and slaughtering of the animals that were made into that meat, the miles that lettuce travelled to get to the deli, the toxins that were released into the atmosphere from the production of that plastic sandwich box…is this really simplicity…??? Yet most of our societies are not yet well set-up to help people reach out easily for raw food alternatives…I am excited to think of how things will look perhaps 20 years from now, when delicious raw food eateries abound in all places and it DOES seem easy and convenient for people to reach out and eat truly simple foods…or gourmet raw foods even, for that matter…throw in a few compost toilets for good measure, so that we give back to the EARTH instead of into the oceans and wow…we might be somewhere near looking not so entirely insane… ;)
(Please note – the current situation with raw almonds in California is, for me, a clear case of this ‘insanity’ run wild – if you haven’t heard the latest, this looks set to be the last week in which truly raw almonds may be produced in the US…the move to pasteurize all almonds is due to go through on September the 1st…eeeeeeek…hmmm…what to do…??? See for action that can taken TODAY to help show vehement disapproval of this plan…)

One love,
Angela. xxx
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