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by Corinne Moss-Racusin I recent...

Posted Sep 14 2008 4:48pm

by Corinne Moss-Racusin

I recently came across a story on Adrants (a sometimes snarky blog about the state of the advertising industry) on the motivation behind the marketing campaign for the product Coke Zero. Apparently, the name “coke zero” was selected as part of a major push to appeal to male customers. Coke Zero is essentially a new version of diet coke--it is based on the same formulation as regular Coke and tastes more like the original. But why the “zero” rather than the clearer “diet” or even “lite” or “low carb?” Apparently, Coke branders realized that men often shy away from all things clearly labeled “diet,” but would feel comfortable with a product with the more benign “zero” branding. To reinforce this, ads note that the product is “calorie-free” rather than diet, and a fake blog was even launched to promote the “zero lifestyle.”

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