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are there tools to clean my self with?

Posted by Roxie

Hi, I'm 4'11" and wt. 330 and i'm 55. I had a back injury in 1999 and i have been steadly gaining wt. I need to know if there are tools to help me clean my self after a b.m. and in the shower. I have short arms and am having trouble with this. I havent always been this heavy so please dont tell me to excersise and loose wt. I just get depressed and eat things that i shouldnt. Two years ago i was diagonsed with diabeaties. I tried to walk and i pulled a tendon in the arch of my right foot. My knees are getting very bad. I still live in my own home but I do live alone and I'm afraid that if i dont find ways of to take better care of myself my daughter will try to put me in a nursing home. 


Thank you,



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