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Adya Webinar Playback + Help Q Win $50k To Juice for The Homeless :)))

Posted Aug 19 2011 12:00am


If any of y'all didn't yet catch the currently super-popular free Adya Clarity Webinar put together by our friend Kacper, there is now a replay version of the webinar up online that you can tune into at any time - just enter your name and email address at THIS LINK and you can get in on the liquid love...

Here's a reminder of what the webinar is all about if you missed the deets before
I want to let you all know about a very insightful free webinar , all about one of the most *amazing* products we have encountered in recent years: Adya Clarity. Those of you who follow our online TV show and the newsletters from my husband may be more familiar already with the incredible cleansing, healing and nourishing properties of Adya...while I have not yet mentioned Adya *much* in my own writings, it is an integral part of my daily life and the testimonies we receive weekly about the effects people get with Adya are truly's a quick recap of some of the reported benefits of Adya:

*Thoroughly cleans any water it is in contact with (e.g. removes chlorine, flouride, heavy metals, inorganic minerals, e-coli, bacteria, molds, etc)

*Helps relieve/reverse candida overgrowth (TRUE in my case - see HERE :)
*Re-mineralises the body
*Removes inorganic minerals and heavy metals from the body
*De-calcifies the body
*Can be used as a food wash

Adya can be taken internally, used in baths, used to clean bodies of water, used for your pets and plants and so on - it is basically black mica, the substance that cleans natural spring water.
...and now ou
r dear friend and neighbour Kacper Postawski recently created a *FABULOUS* free webinar explaining more thoroughly all of the benefits and applications of Adya, in an easy-to-follow, clear way. A lot of people have already seen this webinar and sent glowing emails of gratitude to Kacper for helping them to understand more easily the benefits of using Adya...
If you'd love to check out this webinar yourself to learn how you can utilise Adya to help clean your water supply and aid your body to cleanse, re-mineralise and rebuild, just click HERE - enjoy the explorations :)

(BTW, Adya is offered in this webinar at a lower cost than we have *ever* seen it offered before - get in there on the deals while you can... ;)

on August the 15th I enjoyed
1 quart water
5 granadillas
2 cups greeeeen smoothie: papaya, mango, masses of green
bowl of kelp noodles with leftover red pepper/walnut sauce from the day before, followed by an ext-raw-dinary raw loveheart bliss pocket of pili and almond butters from Mr. M ;)
water of two young coconuts
a yummmmmmers dragon fruit
1 cup water

on August the 16th I loved
1 quart water
5 granadillas
½ cup "chocolate milk" juice: spinach, romaine lettuce, carrots, with some alfalfa for an extra "kick" ;)
water of a young coconut
shared meal with friends: huge green salad from the garden, with red pepper/walnut/macadamia sauce, sauerkraut, kimchi, followed by some *AMAZING* Pili Nut "Chocolate" treats from Mr. M :)
water of two young coconuts
2 cups water

I am delighted to share that our dear, juicy friend Q of The GIVE Project is in the running to win a $50,000 award, to tour the USA promoting raw food, juicing and eco-conscious sustainable living :) YOU can help The GIVE Project to win this award by voting HERE ...each person can actually vote THREE times every day (by website, Facebook and text message, if you are so drawn :), so get in there and help GIVE to give even more :)
This award contest is actually being run by Pepsi, of all people - imagine if some of those sugary corporate soda $$$ can be diverted into juicing for the homeless projects instead - LOVE it :))) Get your voting generosity love flow on HERE and all gratitude to you all for helping support Q on this mission :)))

on August the 17th I appreciated
1 quart water
1 cup orange/passionfruit juice
1 cup "chocolate milk" juice: spinach, romaine lettuce, carrots, with some alfalfa for an extra "kick" ;)
water of a young coconut
leftover "red pepper/walnut/macadamia sauce with kelp noodles, nori sheets, sauerkraut/kimchi, followed by amazing Pili Nut "Chocolate" from Mr. M :)
water of two young coconuts

on August the 18th I was blessed with
1 quart water
5 granadillas
2 cups greeeeeen smoothie: mango, papaya, greeeeeens from the garden
water of a young coconut
kelp noodles with red pepper/macadamia sauce, nori sheets, sauerkraut, kimchi, followed by a small handful of dried jack fruit pieces
3 cups water
water of two young coconuts

My new " Raw Emotions " course at The Academy for Optimal Living is due to start on September the 27th - if you didn't enroll already, here's a reminder of the deeeeeets

I am *SUPER*-excited to announce that I have been invited to te ach a course based on my book Raw Emotions this coming autumn for The Entheos Academy for Optimal Living :)  

This Academy is the brain-child of the delightful Brian Johnson of and his radiant goddess Alexandra Jaye Johnson of . I think this Academy is SOOOOOOO COOL :))) ...and I am so thrilled to see how effortlessly this project seems to be unfolding for this dynamic duo - it feels like there is very strong energy from the Universe behind this one... The basic idea of " The Academy " is to serve as a place for people to learn about truly useful information for creating their Optimal Lives for themselves...forget a crusty old university schedule sagging under the weight of physics classes, history lectures and tedious maths tuition and other left-brain blah-blah...this Academy is all about useful, practical, insightful sharing of the yummiest kinds - think classes on nutrition, positive psychology, health and well-being, creativity, meditation, parenting, relationships, spirituality, money, conscious business, sustainability and much more - YEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAH :) ...and all under the loving guidance of various "experts" in each respective field...

The " Raw Emotions " course is set to start on September the 27th at 7pm Eastern and to run for 8 consecutive Tuesdays at the same time... If you can't make the sessions live, everything will be archived for later access. This course will dive into all of the key concepts of "Raw Emotions", including
  • The Raw Lifestyle and Emotional Healing
  • Seven Ways of Eating - The Role of Consciousness in Food Choices
  • Examining Physiological and Psychological Addiction
  • Tell-Tale Signs of An Overeater and Creating Our Optimal Vision
  • Three Steps to Restructure Emotional Connections to Food
  • Exploring the Emotional Detox Process
  • Top Tips for Healing
  • Maintaining Maintenance

You can check out aaaaaaaaaaaaall the juicy details and get signed up for this autumnal joy class HERE: and you can see a short intro video from Brian on the Academy here: - see you "on campus" ;)

All love and blessings of delight :)

A. C. Stokes-Monaaaaaaaarch. xxxx

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