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hi my names natalie and im an aussie student, my blog is about me and my journey trying to find balance in my life between healthy eating and partying while motivating myself to exercise and train for a marathon..nice to meet you :)
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More inspired than ever!

Hi friends, Im almost there! 32 days to go till the INBA Novice and rising star classic and im starting to see changes in my body everyday. All...


i read this today and had to share it with you all, it inspired me as im finding this week a difficult week energy wise for training/living in...

The "Journey" into the world of bodybuilding.

HI FRIENDS!!!! oh my goodness me!! has it been this long? Oh dear... i have a really good excuse i promise :) In week 21 of training now and...

Where I'm at..

Hi there! I havnt forgotten about you all, gosh time does fly! Im 13 weeks into my training now and i want to tell you how amazing i feel, but...

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