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CT VS. MRI – WHICH ONE IS BETTER? by Stephanie S. Jewett Jul 26 There seems to be a lot of confusion with CT (computed tomography) versus MRI (magnetic resonance ... Read on »
Back On The Road by InsomniacMedic My last post on here, some nine months ago, reads now as both a warning and a reminder. I was warning myself, not aware enough at the time that the elephant in the room ... Read on »
ROTATOR CUFF INJURY by Stephanie S. Jewett Jul 12 It seems as though the older we get, everything starts to fall apart! I know I did not really hav ... Read on »
Recognition Continues for TheNursingSiteBlog by Kathy Q. Registered Nurse Recently I've learned that The Nursing Site Blog has been honored by more sources. I'm very humbled and honored to be in such great company with these accolades. THANK YOU ... Read on »
Where I Work by PM, RN Registered Nurse Well, I've been absent from here for a while haven't I? After working for 3+ years at a private not-for-profit hospice as a Primary Care Nurse I worked for nearly 2 years ... Read on »
ERYSIPELAS by Stephanie S. Jewett Jul 05 Erysipelas is a rare type of bacterial infection. Usually this disease only affects the legs or the ... Read on »
more by AliRae Patient Expert We stood next to each other under the hot sun, watching our little ones toddle around the park on chubby, brown legs. How old is he? she asked me, gesturing towards my ... Read on »
NECK PAIN AND INJURY by Stephanie S. Jewett Jun 28 Neck pain and neck injuries are quite common – most of us will experience neck pain (cervicalgia) ... Read on »
CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE by Stephanie S. Jewett Jun 14 Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is more prevalent than ever. Right now it is estimated that 20 million ... Read on »
4 Ways to Ensure You Are Drinking Enough Water by Kathy Q. Registered Nurse By Jeff Bellinghausen, a health and fitness fanatic and founder of , a resource for aspiring nurses.  You're running from patient to patient, it's a typ ... Read on »