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CALCIFIC ROTATOR CUFF TENDONITIS by Stephanie S. Jewett What a week this has been! Last Sunday I went swimming (my usual routine) and when I woke up Monday my right shoulder and arm were killing me. I thought maybe it was ... Read on »
PERFORATED STOMACH ULCER by Stephanie S. Jewett A perforated ulcer is a condition where an untreated ulcer can burn through the wall of the stomach (or other areas of the gastrointestinal tract), allowing digestive ... Read on »
OSTEOMYELITIS by Stephanie S. Jewett Osteomyelitis is a medical word used for a bone infection. Infections may reach the bone by migrating through the blood system or distributed from tissues which ... Read on »
TREMORS by Stephanie S. Jewett A tremor is an unintentional and uncontrollable rhythmic movement of one part of your body. A tremor can occur in any part of the body at any time. It is usually the r ... Read on »
Hope by InsomniacMedic The complex of buildings appears to have been built some time between when asbestos was the latest in safety and avocado green was the height of chic. An impossible maze o ... Read on »
SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER by Stephanie S. Jewett I just had a high school friend diagnosed with small cell carcinoma of the lung. This particular kind of cancer is also known as oat-cell carcinoma. He had no signs o ... Read on »
Reflections on a new job. by PM, RN Registered Nurse Some reflections now that I’m more than halfway through orientation for this new job. In my first seven years as a registered nurse I: Went from having an associates ... Read on »
Review: Beyond Scrubs Compression Socks by Kathy Q. Registered Nurse Scrubs and Beyond graciously donated a $50 gift card to our Nurses Week Giveaways in May. They asked me recently if I would review their compression socks and I re ... Read on »
CT VS. MRI – WHICH ONE IS BETTER? by Stephanie S. Jewett Jul 26 There seems to be a lot of confusion with CT (computed tomography) versus MRI (magnetic resonance ... Read on »
Back On The Road by InsomniacMedic My last post on here, some nine months ago, reads now as both a warning and a reminder. I was warning myself, not aware enough at the time that the elephant in the room ... Read on »