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speak up by AliRae Patient Expert I've been looking back over old posts on Instagram and Facebook and here on the blog, taking a moment while Ethan is asleep to see his journey unfold all at once instea ... Read on »
HCAHPS Score -- Focus From Day One by Kathy Q. Registered Nurse Do you understand what HCAHPS scores are and why they are important to your job? Or do you only know that your supervisor brings the scores to staff meetings and yells a ... Read on »
losing sight of shore by AliRae Patient Expert The four of us were sitting around the table tonight, enjoying Chinese takeout. (Well, to be totally accurate, Phil, Zoe and I were enjoying it; Ethan was asleep in the ... Read on »
From Mother to Daughter by Cory D. Registered Nurse Hoping to start blogging again soon but for now this is what I'm feeling.......        This is just to say how happy I am and how lucky I feel to have you for a daughte ... Read on »
introducing ethan by AliRae Patient Expert My son is a month old now, and so I suppose it's high time I let you know he's arrived and that he is living up to the promise of his name in ways we didn't even dare t ... Read on »
More Recognition from by Kathy Q. Registered Nurse We are once again in Great Company with these 15 Awesome Nursing Blogs to follow from Thanks again for the recognition. Read on »
War and EMS by InsomniacMedic This is a post I have written, deleted and rewritten several times. It is a risky post, as it has the potential to delve into political wranglings that I do not wish to en ... Read on »
One of the Top 30 Nursing Blogs by Kathy Q. Registered Nurse We've been honored again. And we are in some pretty great company as a pick for the Top 30 Nursing Blogs by Thank you for your ... Read on »